Covers of the Week 10/17/12

It is time for the best covers from the week that was. A quick reminder: only comics that I personally have purchased qualify for this piece. If a title contains more than one cover, only the one I own is taken into consideration. Now without further ado:

Third Place

Hawkeye #3
Every Hawkeye cover so far has been fantastic and, as long as David Aja remains, this comic will most likely have a recurring spot on this list. It is truly a testament to his skill that Aja can make such a dramatic cover using only three colours and I love the effect of Clint and Kate drawing back their arrows inside of a close-up view of their bows. Beautiful, simply beautiful.


Second Place

 Cyber Force #1
Marc Silvestri’s cover is like eye candy on the shelves. It draws people in…and then they find out the issue is free. How can you pass it up? I know nothing about Cyber Force and can only name two of the characters on the cover (Velocity & Aphrodite 5) but this beautiful composition of the various characters makes me want to find out more about them.  It compels you to open the book up and like I always say…that is what truly makes a good cover. And it’s free. Pick it up.


First Place

Batwoman #13
 And here is the cover of the week. J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman covers are always a feast for the eyes and this issue’s offering is more of the same. Nyx’s creatures (those insect looking things on the cover) are used rather creatively in various ways on both the cover and inside the comic. The two characters are framed cleverly in the silhouette of a large one with Batwoman’s cape highlighting the vicious head of the monster while Wonder Woman appears to be bound up in some as others seamlessly flow from her hair. Overall a very nice use of shadows to create a truly creepy and visually appealing cover. Also Wonder Woman and Batwoman being the only elements that have colour make them pop off the page. J.H. Williams III, I award you the first place crown this week. Congratulations!


So those are my favourites and it’s a split decision. One cover awarded to DC, one to Top Cow, and one to Marvel. What’s your personal Top 3 Covers? Comment below!

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