Coming Attractions 10/31/12

In this feature I’ll highlight the upcoming comics that I’m looking forward to the most:

New Mutants #50
The last issue of New Mutants and shockingly it’s not getting a new #1 from Marvel NOW. What is up with that? Definitely an overlooked book that deserved more recognition then it got. Will all the members of the New Mutants last to see the end of the issue? Probably not, if the cover is any indication.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15
“Something has escaped Stockgen labs and is hunting the Turtles.” Who could it be? Logic dictates it is Slash but is it someone else? Are they going to swerve us? One thing’s for certain: My anticipation is building.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2012 #1
Two TMNT issues in the same week? An all-new story written and drawn by Kevin Eastman? Need I say more?

Wolverine and the X-Men #19
My number one Marvel title comes out for the second time this month and after last issue’s shocking conclusion, I can hardly wait to open it up. Where do we go from here after the conclusion of Avengers VS X-Men? Someplace awesome I think.

X-Men: Legacy #275
“THE END OF AN ERA! Last issue, Magneto made Rogue a daunting offer. In this FINAL ISSUE of X-MEN: LEGACY, Rogue faces the repercussions of her decision!” And with the end of this issue the world is deprived of one less comic written by Christos Gage. How will this first-class writer end it all? Regardless of the answer, it is the last issue of X-Men: Legacy for me as I will not be picking up the Legion-centric Marvel NOW’s X-Men: Legacy. At least I can still get my Rogue fix with Uncanny Avengers.


Other Comics I’ll Be Purchasing
Action Comics Annual #1
Angel and Faith #15
Aquaman #13
Batgirl Annual #1
Batman Beyond Unlimited #9
Doctor Who #2
Ghostbusters #14
Green Hornet #30
Idolized #3
Justice League Dark Annual #1
The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #3

Final tally stands at DC Comics (5 Issues), Marvel (3 Issues), and Independent (8 Issues). Definitely a big week for Independent comics! So that’s my pull list for the week. What’s yours? What comics are you most looking forward to? Comment below!

5 thoughts on “Coming Attractions 10/31/12

  1. You already read my pull list, so today I’ll write down some different lists.

    My favorite story arcs:
    Amazing Spider Man # 226 – 227 (March – April 1982)
    Daredevil # 227 – 233 (February – August 1986)
    Venom: Sinner Takes All # 1 – 5 (August – December 1995)
    Batman: The Long Halloween # 1 – 13 (December 1996 – December 1997)
    X – Men: Children of the Atom # 1 – 6 (November 1999 – September 2000)
    Punisher Vol. 3 # 1 – 12 (April 2000 – March 2001)
    Daredevil: Yellow # 1 – 6 (August 2001 – January 2002)
    Fury Vol. 2 # 1 – 6 (November 2001 – April 2002)
    Kingpin: Thug # 1 – 7 (August 2003 – February 2004)
    Titans Vol 3: Fractured (August 2009 – April 2010)

    My favorite single issues:
    Redemption (Daredevil # 200) November 1983
    The Deadliest Night of My Life (Daredevil # 208) July 1984
    Badlands (Daredevil # 219) June 1985
    Fog (Daredevil # 220) July 1985
    Batman: Seduction of the Gun February 1993
    Bad Company (Steel # 3) April 1994
    The Meaning of Life (Shadow of the Bat # 72) March 1998
    A Night to Remember (Generation X # 57) November 1999
    Murdock’s Law (Daredevil Vol. 2 # 9) December 2009
    Ladies’ Night (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 # 33) June 2010

    What do you think about it?

    • Amazing Spider Man # 226 – 227: Always loved Black Cat. Marvel’s currently lacking in her but I’m sure she’ll show up again.
      Batman: The Long Halloween # 1 – 13: My first real Batman arc I ever read. Always will hold a special place in my heart along with Dark Victory.
      Daredevil: Yellow # 1 – 6: Beautiful art by Tim Sale. Wish he’d work on a mini-series sometime soon or is he still working on Captain America: White?
      Titans Vol 3: Fractured: Own all the original single issues.
      Ladies’ Night (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 3 # 33): Awesome issue, simply awesome.

      Sure is a lot of Daredevil there. As I said before, I never really followed him until Waid’s run but seeing how much he’s represented on your list, I’ll have to check out some back issues.

      Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. P.S.: Of course I didn’t consider expected titles like The Dark Knight Returns or Batman Year One, because they are more graphic novels than story arcs.

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