What Is The Artifice & Why Should You Care?

The Times They Are a-Changin’

GothamRogue’s Comic Blog is moving towards the future. I’ve recently been accepted to be a writer for the new website: The Artifice. What is The Artifice? Good question:

The Artifice

“The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. The Artifice has a very large following, currently exceeding 4.5 million strong on Facebook alone.” It’s going to cover a wide range of topics once it is fully launched including but not limited to Movies, Television, Games, and of course Comics.


I want to thank everyone that has supported me by reading this blog. In one short month I’ve already had over 600 views and I hope you will all continue to support this blog and come on over to The Artifice once it is up and running. A special shout-out to wwayne who can always be counted on producing stimulating conversation. Thank you. Thank you everyone. Once I have more information, you’ll be the first ones to know. See you…and happy reading!

8 thoughts on “What Is The Artifice & Why Should You Care?

  1. Thank you as well for being such an awesome writer! I’ve been following your blog from the very first post, and I always knew you were one of a kind as a comic book reviewer.
    Comic book reviews usually are full of stereotypes and clichés: if the blogger likes the comic book, he writes “well thought out plot, accurated art, it makes you craving for more”; if he doesn’t like it, he writes “I’ve already read something like this a thousand times before, I could easily predict every single action the character was about to make, the art is pedestrian”. You have NEVER written something like this. Each one of your reviews has always been original and insightful – sometimes I enjoyed your thoughts about the comic book more than the comic book itself, as it happened for Red Hood.
    That’s why your hire is deeply deserved. I hope you’re getting paid, but, even if you aren’t, it’s a huge honour anyway. Hope to read a new post from you soon! : )

    • Thank you so much for the support and the kind words! You certainly made my day.

      We’ll see how things go with The Artifice. What was supposed to be something with little editorial influence is turning into the opposite. It seems they want me to dumb down things to equal more mass appeal and I don’t know if I’ll really enjoy it as much as I enjoy running my own thing here. I’m waiting to hear back what they even want me to write there as it seems they’re against me producing what I’ve been doing here which is funny because that is the reason they brought me on in the first place.

      Tomorrow will be interesting: Either they’ll accept what has been my most popular articles viewer-wise (Rankings, Covers of The Week, Coming Attractions) or I’ll simply be continuing them in there entirety on this blog and writing strictly reviews over there. What form the reviews will take is another question entirely.With my first offering rejected (along with everyone else’s that is writing for them) I’m not too optimistic.

      Who knows what the future will bring?

        • Well they shot down all of my suggestions. Rankings, Covers of the Week, and Coming Attractions will all remain in their entirety on this blog. 🙂 Got a lot of catching up to do. I decided this blog will be my priority and The Artifice merely a side project. Best to devote my time and energy into something I enjoy.

          • Talking about things we enjoy, yesterday I read the TP of Swamp Thing I bought at the convention. It’s so wonderful, I can’t believe I hadn’t try it before. Yes, I had read a lot of enthusiastic reviews, but they never persuaded me to buy it, because I was thinking “It’s a fantasy comic book, it’s set in a marshland, how could I enjoy something like this? That’s not my cup of tea, it would be a waste of money.” How stupid I was. It’s true, I don’t usually read things like this, but Swamp Thing is a real gem.
            Also, I was lucky to read it in a TP size. Each issue is so deeply linked to each other that you have to read them in a single session, to understand the plot properly. Good luck for your projects! : )

            • “It’s a fantasy comic book, it’s set in a marshland, how could I enjoy something like this? That’s not my cup of tea, it would be a waste of money.”

              Those were my thoughts as well. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I really got to check this series out sometime and your recommendation goes a long way.

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