Blog Update: Daily Vow/New Features

From the first day I started this blog my goal was always to update it daily. After this past week I realized that to keep this vow alive changes have to take place, changes in regards to the reviews. As it stands right now I have four regular features: The Rankings, Coming Attractions, Covers of the Week, and Monday Musings. The other three days rest on the shoulders of the reviews coming out but sometimes you can’t count on them to meet their deadlines because…life happens. Work, planning my Dad’s birthday party, the start of Christmas shopping, plus this and that resulted in a major time crunch this week.

One day I’ll get the reviews back on track to a more consistent basis but until that day comes I’ve come up with a solution to fill the void. The reviews are generally more time-consuming than the other features so I’ve decided on creating three new regular features in order for this blog to maintain its’ once-a-day schedule. Reviews will still be coming out (hopefully 3-4 review features containing 3-4 comics per feature) but they won’t be coming out on the same day each week. To add consistency I’ve decided on the following new features:


In this first new feature I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will included news about comic books of course but also news regarding comic-related movies, tv shows, video games, etc. I’ll also give a shout-out to some favourite comic blog entries and have a social media section involving Twitter.


Character Spotlight
The second feature will highlight each week a certain comic character from either DC, Marvel, or the rest rotating from the publicly well-known to the not so famous. It will include bios, key issues, and other fun facts.


The final new feature will take us on a visual comic cover tour of the past starting with Detective Comics and Amazing Spider-Man. Each week I’ll display all the covers for a single year for both titles starting with Detective Comics #27 and Amazing Spider-Man #1. A trip down memory lane is sure to follow.


So that’s what is happening. The new schedule will be posted in this week’s edition of Monday Musings. Have any thoughts/opinions on the new features? Think of any others that you’d like to see? Comment below. Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Blog Update: Daily Vow/New Features

  1. I figured you wouldn’t have kept your blog updated on a daily basis for a long time. I’m a blogger too, and I know how hard it is to find the time to write a post – and, even if you find the time, it’s hard to find something to write about. I’ve been trying to write a new post since August, but every time I try to publish it WordPress doesn’t allow me to put some pics in it, so I’m forced to give up.
    Also, that post was about some series, like Grifter and Blue Beetle, which don’t exist anymore, so it wouldn’t make much sense to publish it now. For example, there is a blogger who reviews Superman related comic books SIX MONTHS after their release: I think it’s senseless, because after 6 months those comic books are not available any more in 9 stores out of 10, a lot of bloggers have already reviewed it, a lot of readers have already read it, and a new story arc is already progressing. But I may be biased when I talk about that blogger, because he’s one of those ones who don’t reply to comments.
    The fact that you’re writing less often is good for you, because it makes easier for you to find the time for more important things, but it could be good for us readers as well. I try not to hang out with my friends too often, because, if we did so, then it would become a routine, and we wouldn’t find it special anymore. On the contrary, if we see each other from time to time, we enjoy our company much more. For your blog, it could be the same thing: if I find a new article of yours twice a week, for example, then I appreciate it much more, because it’s something altering my routine, instead of being part of my routine.
    No matter if you write daily, weekly or monthly, to me the most important thing is that you keep your blog alive. A lot of blogs I used to love died all of a sudden in the past, and it would be unpleasant to see it happen once more.
    I think that the new ideas you are developing for your blog are great. I usually hate changes (for me even moving a comic book from one shelf to another is a big change), but the ones you thought are very intriguing. There are plenty of discarded characters and forgotten comic books that deserve to be known by a wider audience. The list of my favorite story arcs and single issues I published some weeks ago had exactly this purpose.

    • “But every time I try to publish it WordPress doesn’t allow me to put some pics in it, so I’m forced to give up.”
      That’s strange, I’ve never encountered that problem yet. What type of file are the pics? JPEG? GIF? Strange indeed.

      “There is a blogger who reviews Superman related comic books SIX MONTHS after their release”
      I promise not to get that far behind…

      As always, thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you like the new ideas!

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