The Monthly Wrap-Up: October

October10The Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s time for the debut of the Monthly Round-Up. This is the feature that will highlight the very best in the month that was and I’ll give out awards to the various companies. The feature is split into two main categories: Cover Art and Overall Comic. First up is the Cover Art section:


Cover Art

The first award goes to the company that produced the greatest amount of quality covers in a category I like to call Best Overall Covers. How it works is this: only covers that have earned my Covers of the Week honor are considered. First place each week nets their respective company 3 points, second place 2, and third place only 1. The company that has the greatest number of points wins the award. Let’s first take a look at the various Covers of the Week:

1st: Amazing Spider-Man #695 by Steve McNiven
2nd: Avengers Academy #38 by Giuseppe Camuncoli
3rd: Uncanny X-Force #32 by Jerome Opeña

1st: Batman & Robin #13 by Patrick Gleason
2nd: Halloween Eve #1 by Amy Reeder
3rd: Ame-Comi Girls #1 Featuring Wonder Womanby Amanda Conner

1st: Batwoman #13 by J.H. Williams III
2nd: Cyber Force #1 by Marc Silvestri
3rd: Hawkeye #3by David Aja

1st: The Flash #13 by Francis Manapul
2nd: Amazing Spider-Man #696 by Steve McNiven
3rd: Deadpool #63 by Dave Johnson

1st: Aquaman #13 by Ivan Reis
2nd: Angel & Faith #15 by Rebekah Ann Isaacs
3rd: New Mutants #50 by John Tyler Christopher

And without further ado the winner is:

Best Overall Covers

DC wins with 13 points, Marvel garners 11, and the Independents have 6.


Most Top Covers Appearances
This award goes to the company that had the most cover appearances in the Top 3. And the winner is:

Marvel wins with 7 appearances, DC garners 5, and the Independents have 3.


Covers of the Month

Covers of the Month is split into four categories: Best DC, Best Marvel, Best Independent, and Best Overall. The winners are as follows:

DC Cover of Month

The Flash #13


Marvel Cover of the Month

Amazing Spider-Man #695


Independent Cover of the Month

Cyber Force #1


Cover of the Month

Amazing Spider-Man #695


Overall Comic (Writing and Art)

Before we begin let’s rundown the various comics that came out and their ratings. If a comic has an (*) next to it that means it was one of my Top 3 Comics for any given week.


Avengers Academy #38 (*)
Batman #13 (*)
Batwoman #13 (*)
FF #23 (*)
Hawkeye #3 (*)
Wolverine and the X-Men #19 (*)

Batman Incoporated #4 (*)
Legends of the Dark Knight #1
Smallville Season 11 #6 (*)
Wolverine and the X-Men #18 (*)

Aquaman #13 (*)
Detective Comics #13

Before Watchmen: The Minutemen #4
Daredevil #19 (*)
Morning Glories #22 (*)
Uncanny X-Force #32
X-Factor #245

Action Comics #13
Amazing Spider-Man #695
Batgirl #13
Fantastic Four #611
The Flash #13 (*)
Ghostbusters #14
Invincible Iron Man #527
Justice League #13
Justice League Dark #13
Justice League Dark Annual #1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15 (*)

Animal Man #13
Idolized #3
New Avengers #31
Superman #13
Wonder Woman #13

Amazing Spider-Man #696
Danger Club #4
Green Lantern #13
The Invincible Iron Man #526
The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #3
Teen Titans #13

Action Comics Annual #1
Birds of Prey #13
Green Lantern: The New Guardians #13
Halloween Eve #1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2012 #1
Uncanny X-Men #20

Angel & Faith #15
Avengers #32
Batgirl Annual #1
Batman: The Dark Knight #13
Batman Beyond Unlimited #9
Catwoman #13
Dark Avengers #182
Earth 2 #5
Green Hornet #29
Green Hornet #30
Green Lantern Corps #13

National Comics: Madame X #1
New Mutants #50
Nightwing #13
Red Hood and the Outlaws #13
Suicide Squad #13
Supergirl #13
Uncanny Avengers #1 

 Avengers #31
Avengers VS X-Men #12
Batman and Robin #13
Blue Beetle #13
X-Men: Legacy #275

Ame-Comi Girls #1 Featuring Wonder Woman
Cyber Force #1
Deadpool #62
Doctor Who #2

Superboy #13
Uncanny X-Men #19

Worlds’ Finest #5

Minimum Carnage: Alpha #1
Scarlet Spider #10

Deadpool #63
Green Arrow #13


The first award goes to the company with the best overall showing in the Top 3 Reviews. This format works the same as the Best Overall Covers section in regards to the point values (first place = 3 points, second place = 2, and third place = 1). And the winner is:

Overall Top 3 Champion

Marvel wins with 15 points, DC garners 13, and the Independents have 2.


Most Top 3 Reviews Appearances
This award goes to the company that had the most appearances in my Top 3 Reviews. And the winner is:

DC wins with 7 appearances, Marvel garners 6, and the Independents have 2.


Now we move onto the Comics of the Month which is split into four categories as well: Best DC, Best Marvel,  Best Independent, and Best Overall. The winners are as follows:

DC Comic of the Month
Batman #13


Marvel Comic of the MonthHawkeye3CoverHawkeye #3


Independent Comic of the Monthmorning22Morning Glories #22


Comic of the Month

Hawkeye #3


Finally it’s time to see which company owns the bragging rights: DC or Marvel? I exclude the various Independent companies because I don’t purchase enough to compete with the other two. Here is where I take the overall scores of my various comic reviews and declare a winner. This month with an average score of 7.013 compared to 6.981 is:

Comic Company of the Month


So in summary: DC walks away with 3 awards, Marvel with 4, and the Independents have 0. This feature will pop up again after I complete all the reviews for a given month. Also look for bonus editions at quarterly points during the year and for the big end of year awards as well where I will bestow even more awards such as Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Character and more. Stay tuned!


Agree/Disagree? What were your personal favourites from the month of October? Comment below.

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