Covers of the Week 12/19/12

It is time for the best covers from the week that was. A quick reminder: only comics that I personally have purchased qualify for this piece. If a title contains more than one cover, only the one I own is taken into consideration. Now without further ado:

Third PlaceThunderbolts_2Thunderbolts #2
Julian Totino Tedesco has done it again and is two-for-two in this young series’ lifespan. He once again utilizes a lot of the same techniques he used on the first cover that made it so awesome. He limits himself to using reds, blacks, greys, and whites like before. Instead of Elektra’s sashes flailing about the cover we get Venom’s tendrils creating equal interest. The cover as a whole is a striking image with Red Hulk grabbing Venom effortlessly up in the air as the symbiote thrashes about desperately for freedom while trying, with no effect, to strangle him as ell. All in all, the covers are the best part of this series so far.

Second Placehawkeye_6Hawkeye #6
David Aja is the runner-up this week with this stunning cover featuring Hawkeye. He throws us for a loop foregoing his regular use of purples and instead going with red. It’s apropos considering this issue is a Christmas-themed story and I also love the added effect of what some might consider that aged grainy look to it but I consider as snow falling. Encapsulating the image of the archer in a downwards arrow speaks volumes of the direction Clint feels his life is heading in general and was a brilliant idea. The image inside the arrow is a striking one with a dynamic pose and it really stands out on the white background, a technique that Aja has employed on every issue of this se3ries so far to great results.

First Placebatwoman_15Batwoman #15
And here is the Cover of the Week by J.H. Williams III, who captures the first place crown for the third time during the short life of this blog. It seems that the third week of every month belongs to Batwoman but it had some serious  competition that almost decrowned it. On to the cover itself which is a masterpiece in colouring and layout. I love how the image of Maggie Sawyer and the riot going on behind her is contained within Batwoman’s symbol on her suit. I love the image of Batwoman at the top, acting like a spectre watching over the events, a looming presence waiting to strike, with her hair masterfully fading off the page and the reader unable to see anything of her expression save for her piercing eyes. I love the snakes and their placement around Sawyer as if it is saying that Medusa’s troops are completely surrounding Maggie and her reach overall has taken a hold of Gotham. To anyone not following Batwoman as a series, they’d walk by this comic on the shelf and stand their puzzled wondering just what is going on here? It compels you to open the book up for answers and like I always say…that is what truly makes a good cover. With that said, J.H. Williams III, I award you the first place crown this week. Congratulations!

So those are my favourites and it’s a victory for Marvel with a two-to-one showing against DC. What’s your personal Top 3 Covers? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Covers of the Week 12/19/12

  1. I really liked the covers of Nightwing # 15 and Red Hood and the Outlaws # 15.
    The first one struck me because it really reminds me of the ’40s covers of Detective Comics you posted in the last weeks, showing the villain in a giant size and the hero (or the heroes) in a much smaller size. Maybe the artist didn’t want to make a tribute to those covers, but he drew a cover with a very similar pattern, in my opinion.
    The second one struck me because it really reminds me of the ’90s cover of Image Comics. In those covers all the characters used to wear latex suits, and the colours of those suits used to contrast with each other, exactly like the light blue of Starfire contrasts with the deep red of Roy Harper.

    • Those covers were both awesome. I don’t know why my shop didn’t have either of them. Maybe they were variants? The covers I got were both Greg Capullo’s Death of the Family die-cut covers. Strange indeed and I’m disappointed that I didn’t get either one.

      “The first one struck me because it really reminds me of the ’40s covers of Detective Comics you posted in the last weeks, showing the villain in a giant size and the hero (or the heroes) in a much smaller size.”
      Really nice observation. If I had that one it would have made my Top 3 Covers for sure.

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