Comic Book Rankings: 01/02/13-01/09/13


Welcome all to my weekly ranking system! I’ve broken the comics into three groups (DC, Marvel, & Independent). Only comics that I purchase are included in the rankings. I’ll provide an explanation for each comic’s ranking (updates in blue) and highlight the movers and shakers on the list in green (moved up) and red (moved down). Below you’ll find the different company’s logos. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to their specific Ranking page or just continue onto the next page.


DC Comics Rankings


Marvel Comics Rankings
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Independent Comics Rankings



2 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings: 01/02/13-01/09/13

  1. “Waid has done it again! Just like with Daredevil, I’ve never been a fan of the Hulk but if the first two issues are anything like the rest to come I’m sure to be swayed.” Hulk has been atrocious since 2002, so I’m not surprised they called a top writer to raise its quality. Pretty much the same situation of Green Arrow and Lemire, but with a much longer pain for the fans of the character. Lemire is the Night Nurse ( of DC Comics, and Waid is the same for Marvel.
    What direction is Waid’s Hulk taking? A space series, like Loeb’s run? A “Hulk smashes, and that’s it” series? Or something totally new?
    “I wasn’t even going to pick this up this series but after a recommendation from my LCS I picked it up and I’m sure glad I did.” Talking about your LCS, last year you wrote they will make an auction where you can make a bid for their back issues. When will that auction come?

    • “Lemire is the Night Nurse of DC Comics, and Waid is the same for Marvel.”
      That is such a great line! And true as well.

      “What direction is Waid’s Hulk taking?”
      Too early to tell. Hulk has become an agent of SHIELD when needed and they supply Banner with everything he needs in his technological pursuits. He’s dedicated himself to making his time as Banner count and help humanity with new inventions then try and fail to find a cure for his condition. Issue #2 – Banner laughs. Hulk is more akin to Waid’s Daredevil if nothing else. Removing the darker aspects and bringing a bit of lightness to the series. This series is anything but “Hulk Smash” so far.

      “When will that auction come?”
      It’s not an auction but rather a sale they do periodically. Happened after Christmas and I managed to fill in most of my gaps on Peter David’d X-Factor. Only missing 5 issues now.

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