Monday Musings 01/14/13

Welcome one and all to Monday Musings!

Monday Musings serves multiple purposes:

1. I’ll update everyone to changes in relation to the blog including new features, modified formats to existing ones, and anything else blog-related.
2. I’ll reveal the character I’m going to feature in my Character Spotlight article this week.
3. I’ll reveal my Top 3 Comics of the Week though I won’t tell you which one finishes first, second, third until the actual article comes out (got to give you all a reason to check it out)
4. I’ll reveal what issues I’ll be reviewing in each part of Bullet Points.


Blog Updates

My Top 3 progress is going well. I’m one-third done all the entries including this week’s offering (01/09/13). Look for the first one to come out (hopefully) later on in the week. In other news, I’ve decided to expand the Rankings to eventually include all the titles I read. That’s pretty much it for this week.


spotlightsThe Character Spotlight

Doctor Octopus‘ entry should be up in a few hours. Took  a little longer than I expected considering I had to sift through and cram 50 years of history into one piece. Now on to this week’s announcement. With it being DC’s turn at the Character Spotlight, it was a pretty easy choice for me as this week marks this villain’s live-action television debut on Arrow this Wednesday. That’s right, we are turning the Spotlight on Garfield Lynns otherwise know as Firefly. Look for the entry on Friday (or thereabouts). If you missed any of the previous entries, click on the following names to be taken instantly to their respective entry:

Issue #1: The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Issue #2: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
Issue #3: Ocean Master (Orm)

123The Top 3

To be taken to the listings of my future Top 3 Reviews including my grand reveal of my Top 3 for 01/09/13, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 2.


bullet pointsBullet Points

To be taken to the listings of my future Bullet Point Reviews, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 3.



5 thoughts on “Monday Musings 01/14/13

  1. Today, after writing a comment on your blog, I went to the supermarket. I was wearing a winter hat and a scarf. On the road to the supermarket, a kid pointed his little forefinger towards me and cried to his dad: “Look, it’s Diabolik!” Both the winter hat and the scarf I was wearing were black, and my eyes were the only visible part of my face, exactly like Diabolik’s mask, so I could see him thinking that. That kid knew who Diabolik was, and this throws into the rubbish skip what I said about kids not reading comics anymore. And you know what? I’m very happy that I’ve been proved wrong.

    • Ah, but the cartoon ended in 2001 and only lasted for one season. I think you’re right in your assumption that it was due to the comics that he “recognized” you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. I like this idea for a regular post. You should flip the chronology so your most recent Top 3 is at the top of the page every week and the earliest is at the bottom of the list. (The editing work will be a bit tedious at first, but I think you’ll like it better.) Just a suggestion…

    • I like that idea…I like it a lot. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I’ll apply it in next week’s edition. One day I hope to catch up so the long lists are needed and the Top 3 section will only contain that week’s comics. One day…

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