Comic Book Rankings: 01/09/13-01/16/13


Welcome all to my weekly ranking system! I’ve broken the comics into three groups (DC, Marvel, & Independent). Only comics that I purchase are included in the rankings. I’ll provide an explanation for each comic’s ranking (updates in blue) and highlight the movers and shakers on the list in green (moved up) and red (moved down). Below you’ll find the different company’s logos. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to their specific Ranking page or just continue onto the next page. Over the next few weeks I’ll be expanding the Rankings to include all the books I read. This week all three companies grow to include the Top 15.


DC Comics Rankings


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7 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings: 01/09/13-01/16/13

  1. Talking about Batgirl, here’s an interesting article about clashes between writers and editors working for DC:

    Firestorm got a big drop in sales after miss Simone left the title, and this proves that DC should have removed Zubkavich from that title instead of her. Anyway, this article confirms what we had already guessed: she’s a woman of character, and this can make a working relationship with her very hard to last. But I still think she’s a good person. I know a lot of people being hot-tempered but very valuable anyway.
    The thing I liked most of this article is that it gives us all the names and surnames of the most peeving DC editors, instead of talking of this problem in a generical way. This can cause you some troubles and charges, but your readers appreciate when you are outspoken.
    What do you think about this article?

    • That was a great read. Thanks for sharing this insightful read. I feel sorry for Zubkavich though as he jumped through all these hoops to land the Birds of Prey gig and then had it taken out from under him. I would have jumped for joy if Simone had taken the BOP gig but understand her choice.

      Great statements found throughtout including:

      “There are ways to get around this. Be Grant Morrison. To a slightly lesser extent, be Scott Snyder. Or ideally, be one of Scott Snyder’s proteges and get some measure of protection by using him as a buffer.”

      “Even when Kieron Gillen is writing comics with a job to move a character from Position A to Position B for another comic to start, he does it with a clear and discernible authorial voice.”

      “Marvel is more about order right now, while DC is chaos. Marvel isn’t spinning on a sixpence… but then again, the creators at DC are getting rather dizzy.”

      • Another statement that struck me is:

        “Now that the New 52 has been around for a bit, Marvel is suddenly the cool place again.”

        That is very true. For example, DC is still monopolizing my pull list, but next month I’m going to order some Marvel issues, after a long period during which Daredevil was the only Marvel comic book I used to read. Next month I will order 5 DC issues and 3 Marvel ones, and the teams would be level, if I bought Daredevil and Young Avengers month by month instead of waiting for the trade (Young Avengers) or for the italian version (Daredevil).
        Now you may be curious to know which are the 5 DC issues and the 3 Marvel ones. I’ll tell you that:

        Batman Beyond Unlimited # 15
        Green Arrow # 19
        Katana # 3
        Legends of the Dark Knight # 7
        Swamp Thing # 19

        FF # 6
        Hawkeye # 10
        Thunderbolts # 8

        There’s no need to order Team 7, because it’s the only series I took out a subscription to.
        I will skip Batman: Arkham Unhinged for this month, because the description I read on DC site made me think I wouldn’t enjoy it.
        As for Thunderbolts, I was considering giving it a try, and after months of indecision I was finally convinced by a review describing this series as a comic book version of The Expendables. That was meant to be an insult and therefore to make readers avoid it, but in my case it had the opposite effect. I love action packed comics, on condition that they have some story in it. And, knowing mr. Way, Thunderbolts à 8 won’t be 100 % action and 0 % story.

        • “FF # 6, Hawkeye # 10”
          Two great choices indeed! These series are clicking on all cyclinders

          “Thunderbolts #8”
          So far I haven’t enjoyed this series one bit, and I enjoyed Way’s Deadpool for the most part. Too much Red Hulk, a character I could care less for. I want to like this series because of Elektra, Deadpool, and Venom but it’s not working for me. Also, this book has no business being called Thunderbolts. Though this is coming from a huge Thunderbolts fan. Maybe it will get better…

      • P.S.: Of course, these 8 orders are not written in the stone, because, as you know, I take my final decisions only when I have the Diamond Preview in my hands.

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