Monday Musings 01/21/13

Welcome one and all to Monday Musings!

Monday Musings serves multiple purposes:

1. I’ll update everyone to changes in relation to the blog including new features, modified formats to existing ones, and anything else blog-related.
2. I’ll reveal the character I’m going to feature in my Character Spotlight article this week.
3. I’ll reveal my Top 3 Comics of the Week though I won’t tell you which one finishes first, second, third until the actual article comes out (got to give you all a reason to check it out)
4. I’ll reveal what issues I’ll be reviewing in each part of Bullet Points.


Blog Updates

As per a suggestion from GothamRogue reader Derek, I’ve tweaked the listings of the Top 3 so that the reveal of this week’s Top 3 is at the top and the list moves from newer to older instead of the other way as it was previously. Bullet Points will still keep its’ current listing format for the time being. Hopefully this will be the week that I start knocking some of those Top 3 articles off…


spotlightsThe Character Spotlight

This week it is Marvel’s turn. Over the past few weeks various rumors have been popping up in regards to casting for Marvel’s new movie The Guardians of the Galaxy. There is one character in particular that is at the forefront, but who is he really? This week I try to answer that very question as we turn the Spotlight on Peter Quill otherwise know as Star-Lord. If you missed any of the previous entries, click on the following names to be taken instantly to their respective entry:

Issue #1: The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Issue #2: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
Issue #3: Ocean Master (Orm)
Issue #4: Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)
Issue #5: Firefly (Garfield Lynns)

123The Top 3

To be taken to the listings of my future Top 3 Reviews including my grand reveal of my Top 3 for 01/16/13, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 2.


bullet pointsBullet Points

To be taken to the listings of my future Bullet Point Reviews, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 3.


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings 01/21/13

      • I was thinking of writing a post on the casting of Star-Lord in the upcoming movie – there’s been quite a few actor’s names thrown around. I’d be interested in your take on the character, as I don’t know much about him.

        • “There’s been quite a few actor’s names thrown around”
          That’s an understatement. Every week at least another three names are added to the list. Marvel’s going to have to choose one pretty soon and move onto the rest of the cast if they want to hit their 2014 release.

          “I’d be interested in your take on the character, as I don’t know much about him.”
          Hope you enjoy it when it’s finished. 🙂

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