Comic Book Rankings: 01/17/13-01/23/13


Welcome all to my weekly ranking system! I’ve broken the comics into three groups (DC, Marvel, & Independent). Only comics that I purchase are included in the rankings. I’ll provide an explanation for each comic’s ranking (updates in blue) and highlight the movers and shakers on the list in green (moved up) and red (moved down). Below you’ll find the different company’s logos. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to their specific Ranking page or just continue onto the next page. Over the next few weeks I’ll be expanding the Rankings to include all the books I read. This week DC grows by five and Marvel is completed (for now).


DC Comics Rankings


Marvel Comics Rankings
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Independent Comics Rankings



4 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings: 01/17/13-01/23/13

  1. Talking about indie comics, last year my LCS sold me a big lot of the first Image Comics issues (in the italian edition) for 0,50 € each.
    In that lot I found the first issues of Witchblade, and I was hugely impressed. I couldn’t believe how good they were. We recently talked about old comics standing the test of time: well, the first issues of Witchblade still look wonderful about 20 years after their release.
    Subsequently, I looked for some other Witchblade issues on ebay, and I found a seller who sold me 50 of them for 35 €. Luckily, he lives quite near my home, so this afternoon we are going to meet and close the deal. I can’t wait to read those comics!
    Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to get all the Witchblade issues. Even if I met a third person selling them at a ridiculously low price, I couldn’t pay him. But what I can do is spreading the word about how wonderful this series is.

    • Funny you should mention Witchblade as I just recently picked-up some old issues of it from a comic store I don’t normally go to. They did a nice promotion where you donate to charity and you get free comic boooks in return. Make others feel good and get rewarded at the same time. What a concept. Haven’t read them yet but your glowing recommendation has me pumped.

      • I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. It’s so incredible that, from Canada to Italy, everyone is giving Witchblade issues away at a very low price. It should be the opposite, since it’s such a high quality series. Well, this is better for us readers, because there’s nothing better than buying a high quality item at a low price. Thank you for you replies! : )

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