Comic Book Rankings: 02/07/13-02/13/13


Welcome all to my weekly ranking system! I’ve broken the comics into three groups (DC, Marvel, & Independent). Only comics that I purchase are included in the rankings. I’ll provide an explanation for each comic’s ranking (updates in blue) and highlight the movers and shakers on the list in green (moved up) and red (moved down). Below you’ll find the different company’s logos. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to their specific Ranking page or just continue onto the next page. This week marks the debut of Fearless Defenders on the Rankings and the removal of Ghostbusters (it’s being rebooted back to #1 so it has to start over) and Worlds’ Finest (I couldn’t justify buying it anymore).


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10 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings: 02/07/13-02/13/13

  1. Another free seat of the New 52 line has just been occupied:

    Honestly, I’ve always hated Jae Lee’s art since he started drawing the Inhumans, and I’ve never liked the interactions between Superman and Batman very much, so I won’t add this series to my pull list. Probably I will be one of the very few DC readers to do so. What will you do?
    Batman and Superman are the most iconic DC characters, and the ones with the largest and most faithful fan base, so launching a title focused on both of them is a brilliant move, from an economic point of view.
    The problem is, DC chose the worst creative team possible. I remember Greg Pak for his awful run on Hulk, and I’ve already expressed my negative opinion about Jae Lee’s art.
    As I already told you, Hulk has been atrocious since 2002, when John Byrne started writing it, and, even when this series was good, I’ve never been a big fan of the character… but in all these years I went on buying it: why? Simple: from the 80s ’til a few months ago, the italian edition of Daredevil was published along with Hulk’s one, so, if you wanted to read Daredevil, you were forced to buy a monthly comic book collecting one issue of Daredevil and one of the Hulk. At least the price was convenient: about 3 €, instead of about 6.
    This happens also for the italian editions of DC Comics: for example, Batman is published along with Detective Comics and Nightwing; Wonder Woman is published along with Green Arrow and Firestorm; Teen Titans is published along with Superboy and Legion Lost; Justice League is published along with JLI and Hawkman. In this case, it’s even more convenient, because you get 3 stories for 3 €.
    Some of the titles I listed closed or are about to close in the U.S. (Firestorm, Hawkman and so on), so I’m curious to know which series will replace them. Some of these combinations definitely are badly matched: for example, what does Wondy have in common with Green Arrow?
    All the other DC series are published twice a year, and directly in a TP size.
    Another curious thing: here in Italy, Daredevil is not called Daredevil. His name was translated “Devil” decades ago, and it has never been changed so far.
    DC finally explained us why Vibe got a solo series:

    I saw a preview of Vibe # 1 a few days ago, and honestly I found it was good. This, along with the fact that Sterling (whom I remember for his short but entertaining run on Hawk and Dove) will start writing the title from the 4th issue on, is making me consider giving Vibe a try. But probably I won’t: I recently added a lot of titles to my pull list (Green Arrow, Katana, Thunderbolts and Hawkeye), so I doubt I could afford to widen it once again.

    • “What will you do?”
      As I said in #Trending: I can honestly say I’ve never read a comic written by Greg Pak, though I have heard of him, and can’t really say either way if this is a bad thing or a good thing. As for Jae Lee, I have little experience with him. Some of his art, particularly his covers, is beautiful but the interiors I’ve seen from him didn’t impress me much though this was years ago. I’ll probably checkout the first issue and see from there…

      “Some of these combinations definitely are badly matched: for example, what does Wondy have in common with Green Arrow?”
      Both used to be on the Justice League…so there’s that. 🙂

      On the other hand, it’s very interesting that they bundle the books up like that. Do they get special covers? Do they only pick one cover to feature?

      “His name was translated “Devil” decades ago, and it has never been changed so far.”
      And it probably never will. Another interesting fact provided by wwayne.

      “DC finally explained us why Vibe got a solo series”
      Thanks for the link. I have to admit that looked pretty interesting. I’ll have to leaf through it at the shop. I still say this material would have been better off integrated in the JLA series but oh well. Unfortunately a lot of readers will probably ignore this series regardless of the quality and it will get cancelled after 7 or 8 issues. That’s the cold hard reality.

      • “Do they get special covers? Do they only pick one cover to feature?” Usually the most popular series among the 2 – 3 collected in the issue gets the cover. For example, when Daredevil was published along with Hulk, since Hulk was a very unpleasant read, Daredevil got the cover 12 months out of 12 for a very long time. Now Hulk and Daredevil “divorced”, and Daredevil is published along with the Punisher. Since the Punisher closed, I’m curious to see which series will replace it. Thank you for your replies! : )

        • “Since the Punisher closed, I’m curious to see which series will replace it.”
          Wouldn’t it be cool to partner Daredevil up with Hawkeye. Think about it: two street level characters, two excellent creative teams, and two fabulous series.

          Also thanks for explaining!

          • P.S.: Your suggestion about Hawkeye was great, but Marvel decided to give Hawkeye his own comic book. I don’t know which series will partner up with Clint’s one. It is planned to start this summer, and this is the reason why I decided not to wait for the italian edition: I would have had to wait too much.
            Another important news for us italian readers: the italian publisher for DC Comics decided to start publishing Animal Man and Swamp Thing on a monthly basis, instead of twice a year and in a TP size. They will be bundled in a giant sized comic book called “Dark Universe”, which is going to collect Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Phantom Stranger and Sword of Sorcery. It will cost 6 €, but A – Man and Swampy worth that money by themselves. Of course I instantly took out a subscription for that comic book, and I can’t wait to read the 1st issue (coming out in May).

              • I would prefer Justice League Dark, because it has the “flaw” of being a team based series, but it also has an A – list writer like Lemire working on it.
                I’m glad that the Phantom Stranger will be collected in “Dark Universe”, because last year I read a review of Phantom Stranger # 2 which described this character as “an old-fashioned, hard-boiled detective”, and I instantly thought “This is my ideal comic book character.” Thank you for your reply! : )

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