Retroactive: Detective Comics 1951 & Amazing Spider-Man 1975

In Retroactive I’ll take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past covering all the covers for a particular series. Each entry will cover an entire year and I’ll always have one comic from DC and one comic from Marvel. At the end of each edition of Retroactive I’ll select my overall favourite cover for that year for each series. Last time on Retroactive we covered Detective Comics 1950 and Amazing Spider-Man 1974. If you need a refresher, just click HERE. Below you’ll find the two series that I’m currently covering. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to that series. The last section is reserved for my Top Picks from each year. Click the logo or travel to the third page to view them.


Detective Comics 1951detective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Amazing Spider-Man 1975amazing-spider-man-logo________________________________________________________

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4 thoughts on “Retroactive: Detective Comics 1951 & Amazing Spider-Man 1975

  1. The Detective Comics cover show Batman and Robin in a lot of places you normally never find them in: an exotic location in Detective Comics # 167, a jail in issue # 169, a ring in issue # 174, a sort of bank in issue # 175, a courthouse in issue # 176, a boat in issue # 177 and open country in issue # 178. All of them makes you think “What the hell is the Dynamic Duo doing there? I must read the comic book to find it out!”, so all of them are functional covers.
    My favorite one is issue # 178, because it shows our heroes in a very dangerous situation: mobsters would kill them without batting an eyelid if they had the chance to do it, so walking towards their pointed guns without any protection and with their hands up is the dumbest thing they could do. It makes you think “Why are they acting in such a senseless way? What led them to this decision? Which deus ex machina can save them from an inevitable death?”
    As for Spidey, I pick ASM # 140, because our hero is been drawn in a very dynamic way, that reminds me of McFarlane.
    I remember that, when I was a high school student, our art teacher taught us that, before an artist does something shockingly new, there is always a slow evolution towards that change. For example, the italian painter Caravaggio shocked the world when he started producing sacred paintings whose subjects were portrayed in a very realistic way, even in their most unpleasant details: for example, he painted Saint Peter with dirty feet. Well, he did that because in his region, Lombardia, artists used to paint that way, so he wasn’t the first one, the inventor of realistic portraits… but he was the first one who introduced that innovation in Rome, where people were not prepared to it, and this is the reason why he started being famous as a revolutionary painter. Well, more infamous than famous, because a lot of people couldn’t stand his style. He was a sort of italian Liefeld, but with much more talent.
    For McFarlane it’s the same thing. What made him so successful is the dynamism of his art, but of course we didn’t pass from an extremely static style from an extremely dynamic one: there has been a slow evolution, and the cover for ASM #140 is a step of this process. McFarlane’s art is the last step, and beyond Todd there is only sky. I love his art and his scripts so much.
    Talking about McFarlane and old covers, look at the covers for Spawn released in the last months and solicited for the next months: you’ll find out that they are tributes to some iconic covers of the past, and all of those homages are made in a delightful way, in my opinion. Which one is your favorite?

    • “Why are they acting in such a senseless way? What led them to this decision? Which deus ex machina can save them from an inevitable death?”
      Exactly what I thought. Batman always has a reason to do what he does and this one is no exception. I wonder what it could be though…

      “He was a sort of italian Liefeld, but with much more talent.”
      Nice one. Also thanks for the history lesson. I always learn something new from you!

      “Which one is your favorite?”
      My favourite would have to be #223 (Walking Dead homage) though #227 is a close second. And you?

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