Monday Musings 02/25/13

Welcome one and all to Monday Musings!

Monday Musings serves multiple purposes:

1. I’ll update everyone to changes in relation to the blog including new features, modified formats to existing ones, and anything else blog-related.
2. I’ll reveal the character I’m going to feature in my Character Spotlight article this week.
3. I’ll gather up the links to all the blog postings that I’ve made since last week’s Monday Musings
4. I’ll reveal my Top 3 Comics of the Week though I won’t tell you which one finishes first, second, third until the actual article comes out (got to give you all a reason to check it out)
5. I’ll reveal what issues I’ll be reviewing in each part of Bullet Points.


Blog Updates

Happy to report that the first batch of Bullet Points was posted after all this time. I’m getting back into the flow of things and have decided to finished posting the remainder of November before I concern myself with the Top 3 again. I’m really trying to think of a better format for that feature, one that isn’t so time-consuming but is also different from the Bullet Points format. In other news, since the Character Spotlight never comes out on its designated day of Friday I’ve decided to add a new Friday feature. The title of said feature is…The Weekly Question. In it I’ll pose a single question dealing in a wide range of comic-related topics and offer my humble answer. Then I’ll turn it over to you and twitter for your opinion on the topic. Look for its debut this Friday! Until next week…


spotlightsThe Character Spotlight

Look for the entry on Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) to come out sometime later this week. With that said, let’s turn our attention to this week’s Spotlight which belongs to Marvel. In 2014 he looks to make his life action movie debut, Marvel is currently testing actors for the part, and he’s also getting set for his role in the new Guardians of the Galaxy comic book. First I highlighted Star-Lord, now I focus on the big green warrior that fights alongside him. That’s right, I’m turning the Spotlight on Arthur Douglas otherwise know as Drax the Destroyer. If you missed any of the previous entries, click on the following names to be taken instantly to their respective entry:

Issue #1: The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Issue #2: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
Issue #3: Ocean Master (Orm)
Issue #4: Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius)
Issue #5: Firefly (Garfield Lynns)
Issue #6: Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
Issue #7: Count Vertigo (Werner Vertigo)
Issue #8: Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)
________________________________________________________Previously OnComic Book Rankings: 02/14/13-02/20/13
Retroactive: Detective Comics 1952 & Amazing Spider-Man 1976
#Trending In The World Of Comics: 02/15/13-02/21/13
On The Radar: Comic Book Coming Attractions: 02/27/13
Covers of the Week: 02/20/13
“A Word of Advice–Have An Opinion About Everything and Anything”: Bullet Points Part 1 – DC Comic Reviews 11/14/12
“Let’s Settle Down Before You Crash A Tornado On Us And We End Up In OZ”: Bullet Points Part 2 – Marvel Comic Reviews 11/14/12
“I Really Want To Believe You’re Not Entirely Cuckoo For Lucky Charms”: Bullet Points Part 3 – Marvel/Independent Comic Reviews 11/14/12

123The Top 3

This week’s Top 3 for 02/20/13 (in alphabetical order) consists of Marvel Comic’s Daredevil #23, DC Comic’s Justice League of America #1, and DC Comic’s Wonder Woman #17. To be taken to the listings of my other future Top 3 Reviews, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 2.


logo-bulletpointsBullet Points

To be taken to the listings of my future Bullet Point Reviews, click the above logo or simply move onto Page 3.


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