Comic Book Rankings: 02/21/13-02/27/13

Independent Comics

Rank #1: Morning Glories
Just as one question is answered another pops up as Nick Spencer has created the comic book equivalent of Lost. Been a fan since the first issue and can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Definitely keeps you guessing!
Last Week’s Rank: #1

Rank #2: Mind The Gap
Jim McCann’s Mind The Gap has been an engrossing mystery from the first page. “Everyone is a suspect. No one is innocent!”
Last Week’s Rank: #2

Rank #3: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 IDW’s reboot of TMNT has been nothing short of brilliant. Dan Duncan leaving as artist was a serious roadblock but they managed to overcome it without missing a step and have just welcomed their third ongoing artist while starting their brand new storyarc. Cowabunga!
Last Week’s Rank: #3

Rank #4: Angel & Faith
With Avengers Academy having ended, I can at least still get my Christos Gage fix with this title. Hands down it is the best of the “Buffyverse” books that Dark Horse is producing.
Last Week’s Rank: #4

Rank #5: Idolized
Aspen’s first foray into superheroes brings us a mix of American Idol and superpowers. Idolized has certainly exceeded my expectations with every issue that has come out so far.
Last Week’s Rank: #5

Rank #6: Mudman
Another instance where the wait between issues is too long, Paul Grist sure delivers when they do come out.
Last Week’s Rank: #6

Rank #7: Danger Club
Walker and Jones have teamed-up to create a fascinating take on teen heroes. My only complaint: it doesn’t come out often enough.
Last Week’s Rank: #7

Rank #8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9
Buffy has had its’ ups and downs this season. Some questionable decisions are still overcome by these iconic characters Whedon has created but overall the stakes feel too low in my opinion.
Last Week’s Rank: #8

Rank #9: Doctor Who
Doctor Who has this spot because of the excellent arc by Seifert and Philip Bond. These two issues were type of issues that were worthy of putting the Doctor Who name on it. Hopefully this series can keep it up with the new creative team.
Last Week’s Rank: #9

Rank #10: Ghostbusters
New volume, new Ghostbusters, but same great art from Dan Schoening. I’ve loved Dan Schoening’s art ever since he posted his take of the Sinestro Corps on Deviant Art. I’d follow him no matter where he goes and he is the perfect fit for this series. In this volume the original Ghostbusters are gone and a new batch has risen to the occasional led by their former secretary, Janine. Like the songs says “bustin’ makes me feel good” and so does reading this series.
Last Week’s Rank: #10

Rank #11: Green Hornet
For a series that I was on the verge of dropping, Jai Nitz’s new direction has impressed me and made me glad I gave this series one last chance. I don’t know if he is going to continue on or end his run once Waid’s Green Hornet comes out but I’ll enjoy it while I can.
Last Week’s Rank: #11

Rank #12: Mara
Ming Doyle certainly delivered in the art department with the first two issues. This series’ story could go in an infinite number of directions. The key to this book’s success will rely on which direction Brian Wood decides to take it in.
Last Week’s Rank: #12

Rank #13: TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan
 An excellent second issue has me excited for the next one in this mini-series. More TMNT comics is always a good thing.
Last Week’s Rank: #13

Rank #14: The Answer!
Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton debuted a new property and it caught my attention. The first issue was good, the future looks bright, and I’m looking forward to how this mini-series will progress.
Last Week’s Rank: #14

Rank #15: Cyber Force
 This book is free. The art is great. This book is free. The story is meh. Did I mention this book is free?
Last Week’s Rank: #15

Rank #16: Masks
The Shadow. Green Hornet and Kato. Zorro. The Spider. All in one book. Despite all of this I can’t help but be disappointed by this series especially when Alex Ross left the interiors of the book after the first issue.
Last Week’s Rank: #16


Did your favourites make the list? Agree/Disagree with their placements? Feel I should be reading a particular series? Comment below!

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