Retroactive: Detective Comics 1953 & Amazing Spider-Man 1977


My Favourite Covers

Okay, so our journey through the past is complete for this week but which covers reign supreme? For Detective Comics, the crown goes to: Detective Comics #195. What is going on here? If the bold proclamation “From out of the past, a stranger came to shock Gotham City, claiming he was–‘the original Batman'” doesn’t grab your interest than Batman’s statement of “he has a right to wear that uniform!” certainly will. Who is he? Why does Batman feel that way? This cover raises so many questions that I want to track down the issue and open it up for answers. For Amazing Spider-Man, the title goes to: Amazing Spider-Man #169. The look of devilish joy on J. Jonah Jameson’s face is great as he eagerly announces “Peter Parker, I know you’re Spider-Man–and I have the photos to prove it”. Peter Parker is completely floored by the news as is the reader. The main question that comes to my mind is also splashed on the page: “How do these pictures reveal Spidey’s secret identity?” My thoughts exactly as Spider-Man and Peter are in the same picture together. What else does Jonah have? The issue promises to answer that lingering question and all you have to do is plunk down 30 cents to find out. One thing is for sure, Jonah is confident he has him this time! How’s Spider-Man going to get out of this one? Another compelling reason to check out the issue!


So that’s it for this week. Agree/Disagree? Which covers are your personal favourites from this week? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Retroactive: Detective Comics 1953 & Amazing Spider-Man 1977

  1. My favorite Spidey cover definitely is ASM # 175, because Peter is shown in a very difficult situation: he must get rid of two enemies, save his own life and keep JJJ alive and smoking. It makes you think that a lot of action (and a lot of clever stage tricks) will be needed to save the day, so I, being a huge fan both of action packed comics and deus ex machinas, instantly fell in love with this cover.
    Special mention for ASM # 172, because it has a very detailed background.
    My favorite Batman’s cover definitely is Detective Comics # 191, because it has a “pulpy noir feel” I absolutely adore. A very dark background, a mobster, a pointed gun… each time I see one of these things in a comic book, my eyes shine, so a cover showing all of them instantly catches my attention.
    When Milligan was at his best, he wrote some unforgettable story arcs for the solo series of a character named the Human Target: Wikipedia says that he has been created in the 70s, so probably the Human Target appearing in Detective Comics # 201 is not the same character, but this cover reminded me of those beautiful stories, so it deserves a special mention.

    • Thanks for sharing your picks! I was fond of ASM #164 as well. Spider-Man helpless before the iconic wardrobe belonging to the one and only Kingpin.

      “When Milligan was at his best, he wrote some unforgettable story arcs for the solo series of a character named the Human Target”
      Never read the Human Target comic but I loved the TV show. It only ran for two seasons but what a glorious two seasons they were. I have the first season on DVD but the studios thought “Why bother to release the 2nd one?” as the sales on Season 1 weren’t the greatest. Now my collection sits there incomplete….

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