The Comic Connection: Issue #2


Welcome to the second edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art and photos along with links to any interesting videos. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “If you were in charge of DC Comic’s movie division, what would be your game plan?”. To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@ReynardCity: Difficult because the Marvel approach works but you don’t want to be seen to be copying them./ At the very least I’d get Dini and co from the animated series on board at the story stage. They know their stuff! / It’s a tricky one but I think they need to get Wonder Woman right. Not many female-centered superhero films, DC have an angle! / Indeed- it’s a tricky balance between fan reverence and box office (and yes I know both is possible!)

@Con_Barbatsis: Starman based on James Robinson’s Jack Knight! / well that’s the point you can build him up for comic fan’s & non  into an even more interesting character and movie!

Sidekick Reviews: How about a Nightwing movie? There’s a fan made web series that looks promising …

Thanks to all that shared! Now we move onto this week’s question:


“What would be the Top 5 comic-based television shows you’d like to see on the air for the first time?”

Atomic Robo

If anything screamed Saturday morning cartoon it’s Atomic Robo. Comedy and action the kids would love and inside jokes that the adults (or kids at heart) would get forms the basis for a show with broad appeal. The beautiful thing with this property, besides its lovable characters (like Robo and the hilarious Dr. Dinosaur), is that you can tackle multiple genres through different time periods. If you haven’t read an issue of this series you owe it to yourself to check one out and then you’ll be screaming for a TV show as well.


This is one of the easier properties for Marvel to adapt while also being the one with the biggest appeal to non-comic book fans. We have the always popular teenage drama coupled with the revelation that their parents are secretly super-villains. Add on some appearances from some of Marvel’s lesser known pantheon of heroes and villains and you get an interesting romp ripe with terrific characterization, intriguing stories, and shocking twists. I really don’t know what’s taking them so long to adapt this as a show or even a movie. Don’t drop the ball Marvel!


A perfect combo of cop procedural combined with off the wall, zany ideas. Major storylines could be adapted along with branching into uncharted territory on this show where a FDA Agent solves crimes by getting psychic impressions by eating things including people in a world where chickens are outlawed. It’s not as dark as it sounds,  trust me. In fact it’s a comedy. Bryan Fuller would be the perfect man in charge as the show’s oddball nature is perfectly inline with his other efforts in Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.


Let’s face it, Batman will never get another television show because he is Warner Brother’s big screen golden boy. So if the Dark Knight is off-limits, let’s have a show starring fellow Bat-Family character, Dick Grayson. This would under no circumstances be like Smallville where the whole show is based on him becoming a hero. Instead we’d join him in his Nightwing persona from the get go after he recently left Gotham City to start anew in Bludhaven. It’s the perfect opportunity to feature some lesser known Bat-villains (some that will never get a chance to be portrayed on the big screen) with the possibility of the bigger baddies appearing down the line for special occasions. A television show based on Dick is a great choice as well for his civilian life is more interesting than Bruce Wayne’s and could serve for unlimited possibilities.

Hellboy & The B.P.R.D.

This would have to be an animated show, no doubt about it. It would be an adaptation of the entire Hellboy and B.P.R.D.  comic series starting off with Seed of Destruction and growing from there. Each episode could be split into two halves once Hellboy leaves the B.P.R.D. with one half featuring Hellboy’s story while the other half would showcase the Bureau. In some instances, an entire episode could be devoted to one or the other entirely. In between the major arcs there would have to be flashback episodes that would feature the various short stories that have featured the cast over the years. The animation and overall atmosphere would try to mirror Mignola’s style and would ultimately lead into one memorable and epic show that would skew to the older demographic. Who says animation has to be for kids anyways?


So that’s my answer to the question. I’d love to hear from everyone else what yours would be. Comment below if you have anything you’d like to share.

Fan Art Spotlight
Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Charles Holbert Jr. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

Catwoman________________________________________________________Venom________________________________________________________Arkham Riot________________________________________________________Sinestro________________________________________________________Wonder Woman________________________________________________________

Hot Links
Finally, I just wanted to share a trailer for the new Deadpool video game. Definetly not for the kids… Check it out HERE.

That wraps up the second edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

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