The Comic Connection: Issue #5


Welcome to the fifth edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art along with links to my favourite blogs and people to follow on Twitter. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “What are your Top 3 favourite characters that haven’t debuted in DC’s New 52 yet?”. To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@JamesGibbons17: Mister E, Hush & Creeper…unless i have missed an issue with them 🙂 how bout tefe holland and ragman too 🙂

@RulerOfHope: Cass Cain, Miss Martian, & Kaldur. Miss M “technically” debuted. Maybe she’ll be in JLA?

@GuyFromEarth616: I want Cassandra Cain,Steph Brown, also I want Blockbuster to appear in Nightwing, maybe a new Tarantula too?

@TSOGblog: Dr. Mid-Nite, Catman and (I believe) The Riddler.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

@AvantGarve: oh EASY: Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man. In other words, Doom Patrol. GET TO WORK, DC.

Thanks to all that shared! Now we move onto this week’s question:


“What Marvel properties would you like to see get their own Ongoing or Mini-Series?”

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme is long overdue for an Ongoing series, a series that out of the five I have listed here has the greatest chance of happening. Why? Along with his face time in New Avengers (pre-Marvel NOW!) and New Avengers (post-Marvel NOW!), Stephen Strange was also revealed to have a solo-movie coming out as part of Marvel’s Phase 3 for their cinematic universe. The build-up to that movie is on and the time is ripe to expand his own universe. New supporting characters and reinvented/reintroduced adversaries are at the top of the list for this simply magical series. Now is the time to build-up his fan base because a bigger fan base would be an asset when those box office doors open wide.

Heroes For Hire

This was hinted at during the ending for New Avengers (pre-Marvel NOW!) and I think there’s a good reason for that. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are currently without a series, something that should be rectified immediately. What better place than this iconic series that is so closely tied to Mr. Cage? Joining them I’d have Iron Fist (of course) and Black Cat along with some lesser known Marvel characters such as Patsy Walker- Hellcat. I nice mixture of humor, mystery, and action should produce great results and possibly lay the groundwork for the confirmation of a movie adaptation.


Humor. Drama. Magic. Time travel. This is a property that is ripe for the pickings, a property as I’ve said before that is ripe for a television adaptation, a property that can go in any direction storywise, and a property that can journey to any corner of the Marvel Universe. Of course, we would have to either “free” Nico and Chase from Avengers Arena or have the other kids searching for them to kick this series off. This is a superhero comic that isn’t a superhero comic. A book that skates that line as none of the characters even have crime fighting attire. That we are being deprived of the awesomeness that is Molly Hayes is truly a sin but maybe Marvel is thinking the heart grows fonder with their absence? I can only hope that is the reason but I hope that period is almost at an end.


Everyone’s favourite band of mutants whose sole aim is to fix broken realities deserves to have a resurrection. After Chris Claremont basically killed the franchise, I think enough time has passed that we can forgive and forget. Bring back Blink, Nocturne, Morph, and Heather Hudson. Perhaps have a rival team that is breaking realities led by the previously deceased members of Exiles past including Mimic? You could go in any direction but it takes the right writer to avoid taking it over the edge. You can have crazy concepts but the most important thing is to focus on the characters themselves. They’re already there, someone just has to come along and know how to use them.

The “Real” Thunderbolts

I know what you’re saying: there already is a book called Thunderbolts from Marvel. Yeah, that ain’t Thunderbolts. Thunderbolts has always been at its’ best when it concerned villains trying to redeem themselves. I want my classic line-up back: MACH-V, Moonstone, Songbird along with some later additions such as Ghost and Troll. I want them led by Baron Zemo who, being Zemo, always has an ulterior motive. I want a new group of villains trying to subterfuge the populace by reinventing themselves as heroes while all along furthering their criminal endeavors. I want my “REAL” Thunderbolts back!


So that’s my answer to the question. I’d love to hear from everyone else what yours would be. Comment below if you have anything you’d like to share.

Fan Art Spotlight
Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Lorena Carvalho. To check-out more from her, go to her DeviantArt page HERE.


Blog Quote Bubble

In this section I’ll highlight the various WordPress based blogs that I recommend:

House of Flying Scalpels
Cover of the Week, Iconic Panel Art, and awesome reviews.

Sci-Fi Jubilee
Really nice in-depth reviews from a perfect gentleman residing in the UK.

Sidekick Reviews
Blog I go to for excellent The Walking Dead and Arrow episode reviews.

Ramblings From A Comic Newbie
Cr8zyGurl brings us a blog with a refreshing perspective. She’s new to comics but that only makes her entries even more interesting.

The Indigo Tribe
A blog about all things Green Lantern including reviews and musings.

Arousing Grammar
Great reviews that are a nice hybrid of commentary and full-page comic art.

The Pure Mood
Reviews and thorough articles are the makeup for this blog that also has a podcast element to it.


twitter-logoRecommended People To Follow On Twitter

That wraps up the fifth edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.

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