Comic Book Rankings: 04/11/13-04/17/13


Welcome all to my Weekly Ranking System! I’ve broken the comics into three groups (DC, Marvel, & Independent). I will include a summary section in each entry to comment on any changes in spots. Only comics that I purchase are included in the Rankings. Below you’ll find the different company’s logos. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to their specific Ranking page or just continue onto the next page.


DC Comics Rankings


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7 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings: 04/11/13-04/17/13

  1. Some years ago I bought Essential Daredevil Vol. 4, collecting Daredevil # 75 – 101. When you started uploading the first covers of Daredevil in the Retroactive section, you made me feel like reading some old issues of this series, so today I picked that volume from my shelves and read Daredevil # 77 – 81.
    I was shocked by how brilliantly those 5 issues stood the test of time. I’m sure that each of them would sell like hotcakes and get glowing reviews if it were released nowadays.
    I also love the ’70s atmosphere they manage to convey. For example, in one of those 5 issues Daredevil saved a couple of hippies from a mad scientist who wanted them to become his guinea pigs.
    This couple of hippies didn’t have a place to go, so Daredevil told them “There’s a friend of mine, a lawyer named Matt Murdock, who probably has a room for you two: it’s ok for you to sleep at his house?”
    This leads to a scene where these hippies get into Matt’s house, and both of them are shocked by how luxurious it is. I really liked this scene, because it shows how varied the society was at those times: there were the “regular” people like Matt Murdock, enjoying all the comforts of a normal life, and the “alternative” people like these hippies, who had decided to live in a nonconformist way but, despite being proud of their choice, sometimes felt nostalgic of the comforts they left. A brilliant slice – of – life moment indeed.
    Can you think about some other comics that stood the test of time so well?

    • I’m glad that Retroactive could spark your interest in reading old issues. Your passion for that arc comes through in spades. Thanks for sharing.

      As for comics that stand the test of time: I think a lot of Batman series/arcs from the 80s and 90s stand up quite well. He’s a character that is always interesting and this was a great time to be a fan from Dark Knight Returns to The Long Halloween. I could go on and on. I just finished reading Volume 1 of the Knightfall arc and I was riveted by the experience. It also made me wish that DC would portray Bane more like he was here then what he has become…

      • My experience with Bane is quite limited, so I didn’t perfectly understand your reply. Why did Bane get worse and how could DC have handled him in a better way, in your opinion?

        • In the beginning, Bane was not only a physical threat but a mental strategist. He plotted, he used his brain, he commanded. DC over the years has devolved him into a huge thug that rarely leads and thinks with his fists instead of his mind. Simone’s portrayal of him in Secret Six was the only exception and yet another reason why I miss that series.

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