On The Radar: Comic Book Coming Attractions 04/24/13


In this feature I’ll highlight the upcoming comics that I’m looking forward to the most, the ones that are On My Radar:

Five Weapons #3
Five Weapons #3 (of 5)
Creative Team
Jimmie Robinson
“At the annual school festival, Tyler is caught in a battle between the Archery club and the Exotic weapons club, but a new threat emerges from outside the school that could blow his cover and ruin everything.”
Why I’m Looking Forward To It
This series has been so good that it’s a shame it is only a mini-series. This third issue should provide more zany action and more humourous moments while continuing to dig deeper into the mythos of this new world we’ve been led into. How can Tyler possibly get out of the situation he found himself in last issue? Is there any hope he can achieve victory? Without a weapon? I’m prepared to find out!

Flash #19
Flash #19
Creative Team
Brian Buccellato and Marcio Takara
“What is the latest and greatest threat to The Flash and all those closest to him?”
Why I’m Looking Forward To It
A new arc, a newly designed villain, and a new mystery! The Reverse-Flash is here…but who is he? Eobard Thawne? Hunter Zolomon? A twisted double of Barry Allen? …Wally West? I’m thrilled to discover the answer and the journey to that revelation starts here!

Jupiter’s Legacy #1
Jupiters Legacy #1 (Cover A - Quitely)
Creative Team
Mark Millar and Frank Quitely

“The comic-book event of 2013 finally arrives as superstar creators MARK MILLAR and FRANK QUIETLY give us the superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by. The world’s greatest heroes have grown old and their legacy is a poisonous one to the children who will never live up to their remarkable parents. Unmissable.”
Why I’m Looking Forward To It
Mark Millar. Frank Quietly. Need I say more?

Morning Glories #26
Morning Glories #26
Creative Team
Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
“‘THE WAITING GAME’ Season 2 of the smash hit series begins here, with a special, full-sized, impossibly priced $1 prelude — the perfect jumping-on point for collection readers looking to move to single issues!”
Why I’m Looking Forward To It
Season 2 begins for this series that is my number ranked Independent series. Expect the unexpected in this superb series that everyone should give a try. What is that? Yes, yes, you read that right. It’s only $1. Now how can you pass that up? Regardless, Season 2 should kick off with a couple of mysteries, some great moments, some mind-bending goings-ons, and perhaps a revelation or two that I can’t wait to witness for myself.

New Avengers #5
New Avengers #5
Creative Team

Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting
“‘BLACK SWAN’ Learn the history of the enigmatic Black Swan. What answers can she provide the Illuminati? And watch as the New Avengers do the unthinkable!”
Why I’m Looking Forward To It
Learning more about the mysterious “villain” Black Swan’s past is an enticing prospect. She’s been a great addition to the Avengers world of comics from her look to her attitude to her memorable lines. “Watching the New Avengers do the unthinkable” is just the cherry on top of what should be another solid outing from this terrific creative tandem.

Radar SpinOther Comics I’ll Be Purchasing
Angel & Faith #21
The Answer! #4
Avengers #10
Avengers Arena #8
Batman Incorporated #10
Batman: The Dark Knight #19
Deadpool #8
Fantastic Four #7
FF #6
Guardians of the Galaxy #2
Justice League Dark #19
Masks #6
Superman #19
Teen Titans #19
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #21
Uncanny Avengers #7
Uncanny X-Men #5
Wolverine and the X-Men #28
Young Avengers #4

And the title of my Most Anticipated Comic Book For 04/24/13 goes to….
Jupiter’s Legacy #1
Jupiters Legacy #1 (Cover A - Quitely)
I expect big things considering the creative team behind this. The first issue of this title will be a strong factor in deciding if it is a bust, a masterpiece, or somewhere in between.

With that said, the final tally stands at DC Comics (6 Issues), Marvel (11 Issues), and Independent (7 Issues). So that’s my Pull List for the week. What’s yours? What comics are you most looking forward to? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “On The Radar: Comic Book Coming Attractions 04/24/13

  1. “So that’s my Pull List for the week. What’s yours?” This is my pull list from now til February:

    Daredevil: Dark Nights # 7 (of 8) (04/12)
    Green Arrow # 26 (04/12)
    Katana # 10 (11/12)
    Superman/Wonder Woman # 3 (11/12)
    Batman Beyond Universe # 5 (18/12)
    Hawkeye # 15 (18/12)
    Justice League of America’s Vibe # 10 (18/12)
    Legends of the Dark Knight 100-Page Super Spectacular # 1 (18/12)
    Witchblade # 171 (18/12)
    Witchblade # 172 (01/01)
    Daredevil: Dark Nights # 8 (of 8) (08/01)
    Detective Comics # 27 (08/01)
    Green Arrow # 27 (08/01)
    Superman/Wonder Woman # 4 (15/01)
    Witchblade # 173 (15/01)
    X # 9 (15/01)
    Hawkeye # 16 (22/01)
    Batman and Robin Annual # 2 (29/01)
    Green Arrow # 28 (05/02)
    Superman/Wonder Woman # 5 (12/02)
    X # 10 (12/02)
    Batman Beyond Universe # 7 (19/02)
    Forever Evil # 6 (19/02)
    Terminator: Enemy of my enemy # 1 (of 6) (19/02)
    Hawkeye # 17 (26/02)
    Superman: Lois Lane # 1 (26/02)
    Witchblade # 174 (26/02)
    The Punisher # 1 and 2 (?)
    X – Force # 1 (?)

    If I had seen this preview before, I would have ordered this slice – of – life comic book for sure: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=19215.
    “What comics are you most looking forward to?”
    4) X – Force # 1: I’m a big fan of Cable, and I’m in desperate need of a writer who can handle him and exploit all his potential. I don’t know who Si Spurrier is, but I do hope he’s the right man for the job.
    3) Daredevil: Dark Nights # 7 – 8, Katana # 10 and Vibe # 10: Three great comic books are about to close, and I’m anxious to know how they will end.
    2) The Punisher # 1 and 2: Frank Castle + Nathan Edmonson: this sounds like a perfect combination to me.
    1) Detective Comics # 27: Frank Miller wrote a new Bat – story: need I to say more?
    What do you think about my pull list?

    • “I don’t know who Si Spurrier is, but I do hope he’s the right man for the job.”
      He apparently was the writer for X-Men: Legacy which was supposedly really good. I didn’t buy the series since I don’t care for the main character but I have high hopes for this new X-Force. Anything has to be better than Uncanny X-Force’s latest run…

      “Detective Comics # 27: Frank Miller wrote a new Bat – story: need I to say more?”
      And on that day I can proudly proclaim “I own Detective Comics #27!” Oh you thought I meant the 1939 one? 🙂

      “What do you think about my pull list?”
      Nice to see you show some support for Lois. Also, I take it you’re a big fan of the Terminator franchise?

      • I love action packed movies and comics, so your deduction was 100 % right. I love anything concerning Terminator, Arnold, Sly and all the other action movies’ icons. That’s why I was so delighted when I watched Escape Plan: that movie gave me the opportunity to see Arnold and Sly acting together, and I really couldn’t ask nothing better. Thank you for your replies! : )

        • Very nice. I’m also a fan of the Terminator franchise and was saddened when they cancelled the TV show…especially after that game changing cliffhanger. Oh what could have been…

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