#Trending In The World Of Comics: 04/18/13-04/24/13

In #Trending I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. while also highlighting various Comic Book Cosplay (one female and one male). Let’s begin:




DC’s Man of Steel and Beyond character_bio_576_supermanHenry Cavill stated the various comics that inspired his portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel were  “The Death of Superman”, “The Return Of Superman”, “Superman: Red Son”, and “Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite.” He said that: “In The Return of Superman, it wasn’t consciously the weaknesses that I picked out, it was more so the different facets of his character and how actually some character traits continued across no matter what. In Superman: Red Son, he’s still doing the right thing it’s just he happens to be somewhere else. In Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite, he’s inherently good, he’s raised by very good people, but it doesn’t mean he’s not going to have an emotional reaction to something.  He has great willpower — incredible willpower — but sometimes your emotions get the better of you.” After learning what inspired him, we also learned the estimated runtime of the movie is going to be around two hours and ten minutes. With such a relatively short time, I really hope that we don’t devote too much time on the origin story again. The success or failure of this movie will have a great impact on the Justice League movie going forward. Rumors are swirling that the director of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, has been offered the director chair for the superhero team-up movie with David Goyer writing the script. I’ve got my fingers crossed…

X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-x-men-days-of-future-past-32464805-561-415The way we keep adding characters, this movie is going to have to be 5 hours long! First we learned that actor Adan Canto (The Following) has been cast in an unspecified role. When asked about it on Twitter he said: “I might turn into a ball of fire if someone pisses me off.” The leading candidate is none other than Sunspot considering the character’s power set matches the clue and the character is Brazilian and Canto is Mexican. I wonder if his fellow castmate on The Following and future castmate on this movie, Shawn Ashmore, had anything to do with the hookup? We also learned the identities of two new characters in the movie: Warpath and Bishop. Having Bishop in any X-Men story involving time travel is always a must but I am surprised by the addition of Warpath. The leading candidates are the already cast Boo Boo Stewart and Omar Sy as Warpath and Bishop respectively. How many more characters can we cram into this thing? And how many of the original cast will be coming back?________________________________________________________

DC News
Sources are saying that the new video game Batman: Arkham Origins will be the first one of the series to contain multiplayer. The rumored villain roster was also revealed to consist of Joker, Bane, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Black Mask, Deadshot, Firefly, and an electricity-based villain. More to develop as we inch ever closer to the game’s October release date.

Marvel News
marvel logo
In what was a rather light news week, there are no notable non-movie/television news in regards to Marvel.

Movies/TV News
Rumors are floating around that the characters The Elders of the Universe would be popping up in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. At least one of them was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, The Collector, who they described as “A near-immortal being… who gathers artifacts and beings in the hopes of saving them from a foretold galactic annihilation.” In a related role to the character, actress Ophelia Lovibond has been cast in an unspecified role. Speaking of casting, actor Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) who had previously auditioned for the role of Star-Lord, has been cast as the lead villain of the film. Who this villain may be is up for debate and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter. The leading candidate? Thanos flunky Basil Sandhurst.

(#2) During Paramount’s session at CinemaCon, the studio apparently showed a logo for Bay’s upcoming Ninja Turtle movie, a logo that called the film “TEENAGE MUTANT Ninja Turtles”. Have they finally come to their senses and dropped that dumb “alien” gimmick that they were going to use. I can only hope!

(#3) Haley Atwell had this to say regarding her involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: “There’s been an online campaign for Peggy to be featured. People really liked her. So Marvel have made sure that as part of Comicon there will be a little kind of snapshot as to what Peggy’s actually really capable of, which was finished here and which was great fun. Hopefully, it will lead to other things.” More Peggy is always a welcome addition! I was personally hoping they would have had her play Sharon Carter but alas that is not to be.

(#4) Kevin Feige confirmed at the Iron Man 3 press junket this week that the rights to Daredevil have reverted back to Marvel. The real question: What’s their next step…Movie or TV show?

(#5) Box-office tracking on Iron Man 3 is revealed to be on target to earning a $160 million debut weekend in the States. Wow! Good for them. Now they just have to nail Robert Downey Jr. to a long-term contract and they’ll be golden.

Comic Book Cosplay of the Weeksupergirl________________________________________________________superman________________________________________________________

And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “#Trending In The World Of Comics: 04/18/13-04/24/13

  1. Lots of great things to look forward to in the world of comic books and movies. I’m really looking forward to Man of Steel, the trailer was great, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a great film. Its about time. Sure Zach Snyder has done a great job with it. Think it would be great if he did JLA as well. X-Men days of future past is also shaping up nicely, that’s a classic storyline, so I’ve got high hopes for that film as well. Arkham Origins sounds really exciting, and those Super cosplayers are brilliant! Thank for another awesome instalment of Trending!

    • So many great comic movie in the pipeline! Origins sounds better and better each week though I’m a little cautious since the original team from the first two aren’t involved. I’m glad you enjoy #Trending! Thanks for commenting.

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