#Trending In The World Of Comics: 05/09/13-05/22/13

In #Trending I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. while also highlighting various Comic Book Cosplay (one female and one male). Let’s begin:




Marvel’s Agents of SHIELDshieldFirst we got a teaser trailer, then the full-length one was released, and finally we learned the night it would be on: Tuesday at 8:00 PM. It’s a stiff timeslot for the show to tackle as it is going to go up against one of television’s most popular shows NCIS. If the trailer was any indication, they should have no problem holding their own against this television juggernaut though. Speaking of the trailer, J. August Richards (Angel) was shown to be playing a mysterious character with superpowers. Everyone immediately thought he was Luke Cage but were they right? Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell had this to say:Richards is so good, because we were looking for this character… I almost said his name. It’s not the one people are talking about.” So who could he be? Another leading theory is Rage from the New Warriors but we could all be barking up the wrong tree and he could in fact be a completely original character. Let the theories flow!

The Maximoff Chronicles: Part 1scarlet-witch-and-quicksilver-setSuperheroHype unleashed a report revealing some information in regards to the direction they are going in with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Avengers 2. They said: “Tthey’re generally looking for actors in their 20s and we’ve heard word that the “prototype” for their Scarlet Witch is none other than Irish actress Saoirse Ronan. Except something to note is that they’re going “British” for the role rather than trying to have actors playing Eastern Europeans. In regards to Pietro, he’s only described as being ‘euro’ and ‘edgy.’” I’m excited to see these two characters finally make their debuts on the big screen but things are getting complicated now. Tune in to next week’s edition of #Trending to learn why that is in Part 2 (the news hit after my cut-off).

DC News
 Scribblenauts Unmasked was officially announced and is said to feature 2000 DC heroes and villains. Look for it to hit the PC, Wii U, and 3DS.

(#2) The first issue of the newest Batman arc Zero Year will feature an embossed cover.

(#3) DC Comics cancelled 4 more series with the release of their August solicitations. The casualties this go-around were Legion of Super-Heroes, Threshold, Demon Knights, and Dial H. I’ve just recently dropped Threshold from my pull-list and the other three series I never really followed so this announcement really doesn’t affect me but I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there that will miss these properties. Just not enough fans to save them from being cancelled in the first place…

(#4) James Robinson revealed that he will be leaving Earth 2 with Issue #16 and DC as a whole. Rumors are swirling that DC wanted to expand the Earth 2 brand into multiple books and Robinson was against this idea so he quit.

Marvel News
marvel logo
(#1) Jim Starlin is lined up to be working on a new top secret project for Marvel. The new project apparently came about as part of an agreement with Marvel in order to use his creation Thanos in various upcoming Marvel movies. He will apparently be both writing and drawing the new project. More details to follow.

(#2) People who purchase the upcoming Deadpool game will be treated with a code that allows them $5 off Marvel comic books. Now that is cross-promotion done right!

(#3) The solicitation by Marvel for Nova #7 is very interesting. The first bullet point reads: “Nova’s eventful world-wide adventure rockets roaringly into our renegade spider!” If you take the first letter of each word you get: New Warriors. Are we going to see a revitalization of this franchise in our near future?

Movies/TV News
(#1) Toby Jones was asked about if he was going to return as Armin Zola in Captain America: The Winter Solider. He had this to say: “All I can say about it is that I was pleased to be brought back. I thought I might be–because you’d know better than I do–but Zola finds a way to defeat time and you won’t be disappointed with the way that’s been treated in the film, that’s what I would say.” Not only are we getting a return appearance of Zola but he will appear in the present day time as well? Super!

(#2) Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim was discussing his show’s future: “We made no secret of the fact that we subscribe to the Whedonesque model of having a big bad, and in Season 2, we’ll actually have two big bads. They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them. With Malcolm and the Dark Archer, we sort of had two big bads in one person. In Season 2, we’re going to split them up essentially, and there will be a Malcolm-esque big bad and a Dark Archer-esque big bad.If the question of Season 1 is, ‘What happened to Oliver on that island?’ The question of Season 2 is, ‘What happened to Slade Wilson on that island?'” Anyone care to guess what “big bads” we’ll see in Season 2?

(#3) William Fichtner (Prison Break) has joined the cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The identity of the character he is playing is unknown though his role is described as being iconic leading many fans to think he is going to be none other than the Shredder. He’s a great actor but there is no way that he fits the part and I can hope and pray that these rumors turn out to be false. Also announced was actress Abby Elliot (Saturday Night Live) joining the cast, rumored to be playing the part of Irma Langinstein, April O’Neil’s best friend from the 1980s TV show.

(#4) Ty Simpkins, aka the kid from Iron Man 3, recently revealed that he has signed a three-picture contract with Marvel. He has expressed interest in playing Nova so maybe Marvel is granting his wish? I can’t see why else or where else he would popup otherwise…

(#5) In the Man of Steel prequel comic, Kara Zor-El is featured quite prominently, in fact she is the star of the comic. Could this signify that Supergirl will be making an appearance sooner rather than later in the Superman franchise possibly as soon as Man of Steel 2?

(#6) Anant Singh, the chairman of Cape Town’s film studios, revealed that Marvel has been in touch in regards to filming some of Avengers 2 in the area. This has led people to believe that the only reason they’d be going to South Africa is to shoot it as Wakanda, the home of the Black Panther. Is the Black Panther going to debut in Avengers 2? With each passing week it seems more and more likely and I think it would be a terrific way to introduce the character before granting him his own solo movie.

(#7) CW Network President Mark Pedowitz revealed they are still working on bringing Wonder Woman to television. He said: “It’s being redeveloped. We don’t want to produce something that doesn’t do the franchise justice… It’s the trickiest of all the DC characters.” He also mentioned that they have the basics right but not the execution. Which will happen first: Wonder Woman on TV or Wonder Woman in the movies?

Comic Book Cosplay of the Weekharleyquinn________________________________________________________greenarrow________________________________________________________

And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!


5 thoughts on “#Trending In The World Of Comics: 05/09/13-05/22/13

  1. Another great week in comics. The Agents of Shield trailer was great, should be a good series. Very exciting to hear about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for Avengers 2, I would love to the Vision as well. Sad to see more titles cancelled this week at DC, and the sad news that James Robinson has left Earth 2. I wish him well on his new projects. Its such a shame, I really like Earth 2, not sure the book will be the same without him. Awesome Man of Steel Trailer as well this week. You have another great selection of cosplayers as well! I was sad to Firestorm end this week. Its been one of my favourite books, sad to see it go, but it had a great send off from fans with @FirestormFan ‘s #FirestormFarewell event.

    • Both trailers were awesome! That Zod one really got me excited for Man of Steel. Mission accomplished DC!

      “I would love to the Vision as well”
      I say Avengers 3…with Ultron.

      “Its such a shame, I really like Earth 2, not sure the book will be the same without him.”
      I await news of his replacement. At least he had the stones to stand-up for what he believed in.

      “You have another great selection of cosplayers as well!”
      I try my best. 🙂

      “I was sad to Firestorm end this week. Its been one of my favourite books, sad to see it go, but it had a great send off from fans with @FirestormFan ‘s #FirestormFarewell event.”
      That was cool to hear about. Thanks for sharing that on your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

      • Yeah, I’m really excited about Man of Steel after seeing those trailers. I agree, Vision would be great in Avengers, and Ultron would make a great foe for Avengers 3. Whoever takes over Earth 2 from Robinson will have a tough act to follow, will be interesting to see who they choose. Glad you enjoyed the Firestorm Farwell review on my blog. As you know I’m a big fan of the character, so I was sad to see the book end. I’m so pleased that @FirestormFan organised this event, it was really nice to read everyone’s comments and tweets. It gave Firestorm a great send off, and so many people joined in.

  2. The more I hear and learn about Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver in Avengers 2 the more it intrigues me, though I don’t know much about their story. I guess they can’t be described as the “M” word ie. Mutant in Avengers 2 since Marvel doesn’t have the movie rights. I read that Quicksilver character will also be in X-men Days of Future’s Past movie, but different actor. I’ll check out the next Trending if this might be the getting complicated you’re hinting at?

    • I was thinking: “What took them so long in introducing the two of them!” I couldn’t believe they were never used in an X-Men movie before. As for my hint…you’re hot, red hot. Full story to follow including any developments from here to Wednesday.

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