Covers of the Month: May 2013

It is time for the Best Covers from the month of May. Over the last five weeks I’ve highlighted my Top 5 Comic Book Covers. Now it’s time to crown the overall winner in a variety of categories! If you want to revisit any of my past articles just follow the links provided: Covers of the Week 05/01/13 | Covers of the Week 05/08/13 | Covers of the Week 05/15/13 | Covers of the Week 05/22/13 | Covers of the Week 05/29/13. Now without further ado, let’s see who emerged supreme:


Most Top 3 Covers Appearances
This award goes to the company that had the most cover appearances in the Top 3. And the winner is:

DC wins with 7 appearances, Marvel garners 6, and the Independents have 2.

Best Overall Covers
This award goes to the company that produced the greatest amount of quality covers in a given month. How it works is this: only covers that have earned my Covers of the Week honor are considered. First place each week nets their respective company 5 points, second place 4, third place 3, fourth place 2, and fifth place only 1. The company that has the greatest number of points wins the award. And the winner is:

Marvel wins with 34 points, DC garners 31, and the Independents have 10.

Covers of the Month
Covers of the Month is split into four categories: Best Independent, Best Marvel, Best DC, and Best Overall. The winners are as follows:

Independent Cover of the Month MindTheGap10CoverB Mind The Gap #10 (05/29/13)

Marvel Cover of the Month Xfactor256X-Factor #256 (05/15/13)

DC Cover of the Month Batwoman_20Batwoman #20 (05/15/13)

Cover of the Month

Batwoman #20 (05/15/13)

That wraps up this month. Agree/Disagree with the selections? What were your personal favourites from the month of May? Comment below.

2 thoughts on “Covers of the Month: May 2013

  1. My favourite has to be X-Men #1. The normal cover of awesome enough on its own. But even better was the Skottie Young variant, which is just one of the best things ever, as all his variants are.

    I also kinda dug Avengers #11. It was a cute little homage to Japanese hero fashion.

    Fearless Defenders #4 was neat. A fun idea. That series just has really cool covers in general.

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