The Edge: Week 25 – “Family Time”


A short edition of the Edge this week as I try to catch-up from the weekend. I had a family get-together that was originally going to be only Saturday and then proceeded to include Sunday as well. Due to “family time”, my comic stack (which was already a whole week behind) grew to being two weeks behind. Hopefully this weekend I can at least try to get through half of the backlog. “Family Time” also caused a problem in keeping the articles on track but I think by next week I’ll be back on course. Otherwise, that’s about it for this installment of the Edge. Until next week…Happy Reading!

– GothamRogue


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#Trending In The World Of Comics: 05/30/13-06/05/13
Retroactive: Detective Comics 1968 & Amazing Spider-Man 1992
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3 thoughts on “The Edge: Week 25 – “Family Time”

    • I’m shocked that Young Avengers landed at #5. It’s good but I don’t think it is worthy of that high of a ranking. Surely not over Daredevil!

      As for the Top 100:

      100-76 – I own 1 title (Deadpool)
      75-51 – I own 6 titles (Batman & Robin, All-New X-Men/Uncanny X-Men, Five Ghosts, Green Arrow, Avengers Arena, Wonder Woman)
      50-26 – I own 7 titles (Quantum & Woody, Uncanny Avengers, X-Men, FF, Rocket Girl, Wolverine & the X-Men, Chew)
      25-11 – I own 3 titles (Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Batman, Superior Spider-Man)
      10-1 – I own 3 titles (Daredevil, Young Avengers, Hawkeye)

      That gives me 20 out of 100. Some of the positions I don’t agree with personally (some titles a lot higher than I thought they would be, others way too low) but that is bound to happen for everyone on any list like this. Thanks for sharing.

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