Retroactive: Detective Comics 1969 & Amazing Spider-Man 1993

In Retroactive I’ll take you on a visual comic cover tour of the past covering all the covers for a particular series. Each entry will cover an entire year and I’ll always have one comic from DC and one comic from Marvel. At the end of each edition of Retroactive I’ll select my overall favourite cover for that year for each series. Last time on Retroactive we covered Detective Comics 1968 and Amazing Spider-Man 1992. If you need a refresher, just click HERE. Below you’ll find the two series that I’m currently covering. Click on that specific logo to be instantly taken directly to that series. The last section is reserved for my Top Picks from each year. Click the logo or travel to the third page to view them.


Detective Comics 1969detective-comics-logo___________________________________________________

Amazing Spider-Man 1993amazing-spider-man-logo________________________________________________________

My Favourite Coverstop_picks_logo




3 thoughts on “Retroactive: Detective Comics 1969 & Amazing Spider-Man 1993

  1. My favorite Batman cover is Detective Comics # 384. I often choose the most question – raising cover: in this case, the cover I chose raises only one question (the one written in the tagline), but it’s very intriguing anyway. I also love the light effects, the terrified faces, the torn dresses… there are a lot of details that help building a very thrilling cover.
    As for Spidey, of course the cover you chose is by far the best one, but I also like ASM # 278 very much.

    • If I had to take a stab on who the “she” is on the cover, I’d guess…Batgirl. It is a sight to behold seeing the criminals come to Batman for help, cowering in terror. “A superstitious cowardly lot” indeed! 🙂

      I’d also like to give a special shout-out to ASM #382: Hulk is so big he’s knocking the title ajar! Thanks as always for sharing your selections.

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