The Comic Connection: Issue #17


Welcome to the seventeenth edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art along with links to my favourite blogs and people to follow on Twitter. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “Which Marvel mutants would you like to see make their debut in an upcoming X-Men film?” To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@thepuremood: There are so many X-men I’d love to see make it to the big screen! I agree with a lot of your choices – Rachel Grey and Domino would be fantastic. But the two I want to see most are…Dazzler and Pixie, my two favourite X-men!

@Tom_Badguy: Cable…but the movies suck so it would probably be terrible, lol

@SJ_Mitchell1975: Psylocke!

@grrlpowercomic: I wouldn’t mind seeing them do Juggernaut right, as in CG like the hulk. I know he’s not a mutant but J in X3 was awful.

@Mike_J_Lord: Dazzler / she’s a roller skating pop star who’s taken on Galactus & Doctor Doom What’s not to love? 🙂

@spunkykiki: I second  that request ! (for Dazzler)

@TheCodeCrimson: I’d like to see Psylock, but when Jean Grey and Scot Summer were still alive. They coming back?

@thatoneguy7048: The youngest summers brother Gabriel, or Cyclops and Madylon Pryors son Nathan Christopher Charles summers for sure

@TSOGblog: Ah!  Northstar/Aurora! 🙂

@Hulksmash1985: Cable would be nice! Especially since it’s a time traveling/futuristic affair! / Cable has always been a favourite of mine, so keeping my fingers crossed! / I used to love the Cable episodes of the cartoon back in the 90’s, always with Wolverines skeleton in a weird vat…


“Which X-Men characters that have already debuted in an X-Men movie would you like to see get a do over/reboot?”

Last week, I touched on the characters that I’d love to see make their debuts in an X-Franchise movie. This week I look at those that have already been introduced but would have been better off if they never were. I’m looking at the characters that are in desperate need of being rebooted, of starting back at square one, of pretending that we never saw them in the first place. All but one that I’ve listed on my Top 5 hail from the third movie of the franchise: X-Men: The Last Stand which speaks volumes of just how mishandled that movie was. What are the major problems with these characters you ask? They strayed too far from their original comic book incarnations, stripped away what made us love them in the first place, and left some of them basically unrecognizable. Without further ado:

The Juggernaut

Debut – X-Men: The Last Stand (Portrayed by Vinnie Jones)
Gone was the fact that he was the stepbrother of Charles Xavier. Gone was the fact that his powers were bequeathed to him from a mystical gem in favor of making him just another mutant. And gone was his overwhelmingly immense power level. In the comics he’s the type of foe that takes the combined might of the entire X-Men team to overcome or someone in the upper-class of power levels like the Hulk or Thor. If you had told me that the combined might of Kitty Pryde and Leech would take him out I’d have thought you were insane. While the actor playing him was rather muscular, he was nowhere near the size that the Juggernaut is supposed to be. You never got the sense that he was anything close to being unstoppable and he felt more shoehorned into the story instead of a worthy addition.


Debut – X-Men: The Last Stand (Portrayed by Meiling Melançon)
When I was writing Part 1 where I listed characters I’d like to see make their debuts I originally had Psylocke on there until I was reminded that she already made her debut in The Last Stand. I went back and sure enough she was there but I couldn’t blame myself for not remembering her. Imagine taking everything that was iconic with the character including her heroic nature, her telepathic and telekinetic powers, her psi-blades, her martial arts ninja skills, her british accent, and her trademark outfit and what we were left was a major disappointment. They turned her into a villainous lackey, a purple-haired punk, took away everything that made her special, and made her into just another generic mutant to add to the cannon fodder. It was Psylocke in name and name alone and we would have been better off if she wasn’t included in the movie at all. If you took her out of it, she wouldn’t be missed and for a character with as much a following as Psylocke that is truly a wasted opportunity.

Jamie Madrox

Debut – X-Men: The Last Stand (Portrayed by Eric Dane)
From lost soul to prankster to private detective and leader, Jamie Madrox aka the Multiple Man has had a storied history filled with heroic triumphs. The movie version kept his ability to make duplicates of himself but with one glaring change: they made him a villain. For once it would be nice to see a character that can create multiple copies of himself not be a bad guy as it seems to be the norm not the exception (Agent Smith in the Matrix, Eli in Heroes, etc.). Portraying him as a villain was the easy way out and something that goes against the very nature of Madrox. Maybe one day we’ll get a proper go-around and the rest of X-Factor will hopefully follow.


Debut – X-Men: The Last Stand (Portrayed by Dania Ramirez)
The movie nailed some things right about Callisto including her enhanced senses (even adding the ability to sense the powers and locations of other mutants) and her dislike towards Storm. While they did a passing job they failed in other areas. In the movie she was the boss of a group of mutants called the Omegas a deviation from her usual leadership role of the group called the Morlocks, a group that resides in the sewers wanting to hide from the surface world due to their psychical mutations preventing them from blending into society. Callisto was the group’s leader, having lost her beauty due to her “mistake” of thinking she could live on the surface in peace. Instead of representing this the movie instead hired the beautiful Dania Ramirez to portray her and did away with her trademark eye patch as well. Her dislike for Storm in the movie was a nod to her continual feud with Storm in the comics who at one point beat her for leadership of the Morlocks but eventually this rivalry grew from hatred to respect. That can never happen for her in the movieverse thanks to the fact that she perished in the movie at Storm’s hand. It’s ironic considering in the comics Callisto’s main complaint about Storm is that she isn’t willing to take a life. Of my Top 5. she was the closest to her comic book counterpart but they still fell flat on the execution.


Debut – Wolverine: Origins (Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds)
His first appearance started off so well. We had the humor, the endless chatter, and the lethal and spectacular fighting style. Ryan Reynolds was Wade Wilson and I couldn’t wait to see him become Deadpool. And then it came…much to my horror. Deadpool is the Merc with a Mouth…so they sew it shut. Deadpool is known for his humor and his healing factor…so they take that away and compensate by dumping a bunch of powers in him including but not limited to Cyclops’ optic blasts. How could they get the character so right at the beginning and royally screw it up later on? As a big Deadpool fan I couldn’t believe my eyes. But there is hope! Of all the characters I’ve listed he has the greatest chance of getting a reboot considering they want to make a solo movie starring him. And the beautiful thing with Deadpool is since he routinely breaks the fourth wall he can completely bash his previous incarnation while doing it.


Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Mark Brooks. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

gotham_sirens_by_diablo2003-d3laiec________________________________________________________psylocke_by_diablo2003-d2xpbfz________________________________________________________Hellboy_sketches_by_diablo2003________________________________________________________Rogue_by_diablo2003________________________________________________________scarlet witch________________________________________________________

Blog Quote Bubble

In this section I’ll highlight the various WordPress based blogs that I recommend:

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The Pure Mood
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That wraps up the seventeenth edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.


7 thoughts on “The Comic Connection: Issue #17

  1. People complain about characters being changed when they’re adapted for the movies. But that’s something of a necessity. The movies aren’t the comics. And they should never try to be the comics. The goal should never, EVER be to faithfully reproduce the stories from the comics. The goal should be to faithfully reproduce the spirit of the comics. In the case of, say, Multiple Man, he’s a minor character with little real bearing on the overall spirit of the X-Men franchise. Oh, he’s a great character, no question there. But, let’s be honest, how many people give a damn about him? The less than 20 000 reading X-Factor? How many people go to watch the movies? A lot more. The vast majority of whom have almost certainly never heard of Multiple Man. There are some X-Men who are important – Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Shadowcat, probably Rogue, probably Gambit, probably Beast, maybe Iceman, maybe Colossus, maybe Nightcrawler. A few others in the “maybe” column. Multiple Man? He’s never been there. He will never be there. Only a relative handful of people will ever care about him. So the movies can really do whatever they want with him, as long as it’s entertaining. And, truthfully, I thought he actually was pretty entertaining, for the few scenes he appeared in.

    So was Callisto, who’s in the same boat of not mattering.

    Juggernaut matters a little more, but ultimately, to most people, I think the visual is going to matter more than the backstory. He doesn’t need to be Xavier’s step-brother who got his powers from a gem. In fact, in the Ultimate Comics, he’s not. Just as, in the Ultimate Comics, Multiple Man isn’t a hero, and Callisto is pretty much nothing like her normal version.

    Comic book fans need to start thinking of the movie as alternate realities, where things can be vastly different from what they’re used to. This is not a bad thing. Think Age of Apocalypse. Think Age of X. Think Exiles. Think Ultimate Universe, because the movies really are a lot closer to those comics than the mainstream comics.

    • “The goal should never, EVER be to faithfully reproduce the stories from the comics.”
      I’m all for tinkering with their backstories. I enjoyed Talia’s new backstory in TDKR, I enjoyed the revelation of Mystique’s connection with Xavier from X-Men: First Class, I even enjoyed Kal-El’s modified origin story. What worked for those is that they added something new without taking away from the elements that people know and love. Their basic character was still there. I’m against taking away backstory to replace with nothing (ie. Juggernaut) as it makes the character less special. I’m against changing the character so drastically that they are unrecognizable (ie. Psylocke). I’m against making a heroic character bad just because you wanted another bag guy (ie. Madrox). If you’re not going to capture the essence of the character why even bother using them in the first place? That’s where I come from. In short, change is okay with me as long as it services the character, as long as it doesn’t change their base core make-up for no good reason whatsoever.

      • I would point again to the Ultimate Universe. Or the Age of Apocalypse. Or many of the realities visited by the Exiles. And I would also say again that the characters you’re mentioning are, by and large, not particularly well-known outside of comic book readers. Juggernaut more than the rest, but even then, all most people know is that he’s unstoppable. So it really doesn’t matter what the movies do with those characters, because it’s only a tiny fraction of the audience who will even know they did anything, let alone get upset about it.

  2. There are so many great characters that could be in a X-Men movie, think I would like to see Psylocke in one of the films, she is a great character. It would be awesome if they did a film of the Dark Phoenix Saga one day, that would be incredible as well!

  3. All I can say is Madrox, Madrox, Madrox. Psylocke, who I love, kind of fits in with what xmenxpert is saying – it kind of boggles my mind to imagine how she would work in a movie. I actually think it’s a miracle those X-MEN movies are as good as they are – that ain’t an easy franchise to streamline! In fact, that’s one of the interesting thing about the ’90’s animated series that (I’m sure) got many current readers into X-men comics – that series didn’t really put in any effort to explain things to new viewers! It practically just threw you into the world of the ’90s X-MEN comics! Yet it was very successful. I’m not saying we should emulate this in the movies, but…well, I guess I just find it interesting!
    I don’t know what I think of Brooks’ art – I used to think it was pretty cheesecakey and not in a way I dig. Just not my bag. But I love those covers he’s been doing for THE FEARLESS DEFENDERS – very fun! He’s obviously very talented, of course!
    Thanks for sharing everyone’s thoughts once again! One of my most anticipated blog columns every week!

    • “Psylocke, who I love, kind of fits in with what xmenxpert is saying – it kind of boggles my mind to imagine how she would work in a movie.”
      Yes, Psylocke needs some tweaking but not to the degree they did in X-Men: The Last Stand. I could see something close but a little more grounded. First thing that would have to go is her costume though.

      “But I love those covers he’s been doing for THE FEARLESS DEFENDERS – very fun! He’s obviously very talented, of course!”
      Yeah he is really on his game with that series’ covers so far!

      “Thanks for sharing everyone’s thoughts once again! One of my most anticipated blog columns every week!”
      Glad you enjoy it and thanks for the kind words and for offering your opinion, which of course will be featured in the next edition! 🙂

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