Retroactive: Detective Comics 1971 & Amazing Spider-Man 1995


Detective Comics (1971)


Detective Comics #407(January 1971)dc407

Detective Comics #408(February 1971)dc408

Detective Comics #409(March 1971)dc409

Detective Comics #410(April 1971)dc410

Detective Comics #411(May 1971)dc411

Detective Comics #412(June 1971)dc412

Detective Comics #413(July 1971)dc413

Detective Comics #414(August 1971)dc414

Detective Comics #415(September 1971)dc415

Detective Comics #416(October 1971)dc416

Detective Comics #417(November 1971)dc417

Detective Comics #418(December 1971)dc418



5 thoughts on “Retroactive: Detective Comics 1971 & Amazing Spider-Man 1995

  1. This time I completely agree with both the covers you chose, so I can only make some special mentions.
    I really like Detective Comics # 409. The villain is turning his back on us and is not recognizable, so you instantly get very interested. Your interest gets bigger when you notice some details that make you understand how savage he is: he has a large knife in his hand, his face is covered with scars, he has the face skin of a dead man in his other hand… he clearly is pure evil and pure savageness, so you think “Batman can’t come to terms with a villain like him. All he can do is trapping him… but how can you trap a wild animal having a human intelligence?”
    As for Spidey, I really like ASM # 404. The bodies are drawn so well, the digital coloring (which I usually don’t like) is so effective, and the background is so detailed and simple at the same time… a really nice cover.

    • Speaking of special mentions:

      “I really like Detective Comics # 409.”
      That was my runner-up as well. Though I took away that the “face” was possibly a mask that he was wearing to conceal his hideous appearance. By Batman’s reaction it seems that he knows who the villain is. Possibly Batman shoulders some of the blame of why he’s disfigured in the first place?

      My runner-up for ASM would have to be #400. An ominous tombstone, the threat of someone dying, it gets your mind racing.

      Thanks for offering your special mentions on a week that we agree on both #1s. Great covers are great covers! 🙂

  2. Brilliant choice of covers! Spiderman 401 is really good, I like how it teases that Peter Parker’s secret identity will be revealed. I really like the cover of Detective Comics #408, its brilliant how it plays out over a series of panels, with Robin slowly turning to dust before Batman’s eyes, awesome and very spooky!

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