The Comic Connection: Issue #18


Welcome to the eighteenth edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art along with links to my favourite blogs and people to follow on Twitter. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “Which X-Men characters that have already debuted in an X-Men movie would you like to see get a do over/reboot?” To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@paul_bowler: There are so many great characters that could be in a X-Men movie, think I would like to see Psylocke in one of the films, she is a great character. It would be awesome if they did a film of the Dark Phoenix Saga one day, that would be incredible as well!

@thepuremood: All I can say is Madrox, Madrox, Madrox. Psylocke, who I love, kind of fits in with what xmenxpert is saying – it kind of boggles my mind to imagine how she would work in a movie. I actually think it’s a miracle those X-MEN movies are as good as they are – that ain’t an easy franchise to streamline! In fact, that’s one of the interesting thing about the ’90′s animated series that (I’m sure) got many current readers into X-men comics – that series didn’t really put in any effort to explain things to new viewers! It practically just threw you into the world of the ’90s X-MEN comics! Yet it was very successful. I’m not saying we should emulate this in the movies, but…well, I guess I just find it interesting!

xmenxpert: People complain about characters being changed when they’re adapted for the movies. But that’s something of a necessity. The movies aren’t the comics. And they should never try to be the comics. The goal should never, EVER be to faithfully reproduce the stories from the comics. The goal should be to faithfully reproduce the spirit of the comics. In the case of, say, Multiple Man, he’s a minor character with little real bearing on the overall spirit of the X-Men franchise. Oh, he’s a great character, no question there. But, let’s be honest, how many people give a damn about him? The less than 20 000 reading X-Factor? How many people go to watch the movies? A lot more. The vast majority of whom have almost certainly never heard of Multiple Man. There are some X-Men who are important – Xavier, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Shadowcat, probably Rogue, probably Gambit, probably Beast, maybe Iceman, maybe Colossus, maybe Nightcrawler. A few others in the “maybe” column. Multiple Man? He’s never been there. He will never be there. Only a relative handful of people will ever care about him. So the movies can really do whatever they want with him, as long as it’s entertaining. And, truthfully, I thought he actually was pretty entertaining, for the few scenes he appeared in. So was Callisto, who’s in the same boat of not mattering. Juggernaut matters a little more, but ultimately, to most people, I think the visual is going to matter more than the backstory. He doesn’t need to be Xavier’s step-brother who got his powers from a gem. In fact, in the Ultimate Comics, he’s not. Just as, in the Ultimate Comics, Multiple Man isn’t a hero, and Callisto is pretty much nothing like her normal version. Comic book fans need to start thinking of the movie as alternate realities, where things can be vastly different from what they’re used to. This is not a bad thing. Think Age of Apocalypse. Think Age of X. Think Exiles. Think Ultimate Universe, because the movies really are a lot closer to those comics than the mainstream comics.

@T_E2013: I’d love to see them bring back Callisto.

@jschaalma: iceman , colossus

@JeffV5: I was always a fan of Gambit and I feel like there is a lot of material to work with there / I wasn’t a fan of how he was portrayed. He was portrayed as too much of a pretty boy heartthrob

@Annice22: Rogue, she was awful in all three X-Men movies.

@Aliasego: Emma Frost. / Not a fan of January Jones (not the acting, just didn’t seem right for the role). I’d like to see the character expanded upon.

@ReynardCity: Rogue- No disrespect to Anna Paquin but there’s not enough superheroes in #ncfc colours and she didn’t do enough in the films!

@cameronkieffer: Cyclops! Marsden was great but his character was handled poorly. He needs to headline an X-Men film!

@adampaga: Without doubt Colossus needs another go #bestx-man

@ComicBookKidUK: Rogue, she’s a fantastic character but Paquin did her no justice. She needs to be more aggressive.


“Which characters would you love to see show up in the next two Man of Steel movie sequels?”

With the success of the first movie, sequels are imminent. I thought now was the perfect time to take a look at those characters that deserve a chance on the big screen. Some of them you’ve seen countless times before in other Superman films while others have only gotten a chance on television. I should mention that there will be minor SPOILERS for Man of Steel so you are forewarned. Without further ado:

Lex Luthor

I thought I’d get my #1 pick out-of-the-way first. While I admire the restraint of not using him in the first movie, a sequel cannot go by without introducing Superman’s arch nemesis and the first movie has left us with the perfect setup to introduce him. Metropolis is devastated from the destruction that the battle between Zod and Superman caused. Who shall ever help the city rebuild? Enter Luthor, with the resources and the money to help the people of his city get back on their feet. And I have to stress the “his” part of his city. Metropolis would be seen as his property in Luthor’s mind and this arrival of the outsider alien Superman would threaten his control. Lex would start a campaign against the hero listing his many failings including the countless loss of life in his aforementioned battle with the Kryptonians and that the whole matter was Superman’s fault to begin with. My Lex would be a recurring menace, an orchestrator, a man behind the scenes manipulating things to his benefit, being one or two steps ahead of everyone else using his vast intellect to satisfy his own selfish needs. He’d make alliances where it suited him but always would maintain his anti-Superman agenda. He’d be the type of crook that they can never link to crimes, a criminal mastermind. Everything he does is to help him get one step further in his eventual goal of becoming President of the United States, a post that he would relish to the nth degree. But despite all of this, Lex would not be the chief antagonist for the sequel. No that responsibility would fall on the shoulders of a being I have to talk about next…


This would be the villain of the sequel, the individual that fans have been clamoring for a long time to get his due. Over the years there have been many notable interpretations of the character but the standout ones are the one where he is an alien from the planet Colu who shrinks various cities into bottles to add to his collection and the animated series version where he is a robotic artificial intelligence that travels the cosmos stealing all the information from a planet and then destroying said planet so that the information he gathered would prove more valuable due to far fewer individuals actually possessing it. So which one would I use? How about both? In Man of steel 2 I’d have the more robotic version, hacking and breaking into various technology to gain this knowledge of Earth. Superman would eventually confront Brainiac and after an epic battle where Brainiac bends technology to his will he would be destroyed but not before sending his info off world. Superman wouldn’t realize that this unit he fought was merely the advanced scout for the real Brainiac. The way the villain operates is to send these robotic scouts out to gather info, then he comes personally to preserve some of the planet before blowing it up. In a later film, the villain would reach Earth just after Superman has perished at the hands of Doomsday, be that in the third sequel or beyond depending on how that storyline plays out. Imagine a battle where Superman fights through his robotic soldiers, bursts onto his skull-shaped ship, and does battle one-on-one with this powerful alien. We could even have Lex and Superman unite to battle this common foe which would be ripe with potential indeed.

Jimmy Olsen

The Daily Planet just doesn’t feel like the Daily Planet without its ace photographer. He’s the ray of light in the office and will do the same for the movie in a world that is littered with dark and serious characters. I’d keep his character relatively intact from the comics from having him befriend Clark to being the office whipping boy always looking for the leap to the next stage in his career to risking life and limb to be in the right place at right time to take his photos, photos no one else can get. Currently in the comics he’s roommates with Clark, something I’d like to see happen in the film as well. Clark needs someone to bring out a laugh of two, someone who will have his back through thick and thin, someone who is none other than Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.


Here we have a threat that could keep Lois and the rest of the Daily Planet busy while Superman is out handling the larger threats in the sequel. A criminal organization that would have an overt figure-head in Bruno Mannheim and a secret one in Morgan Edge who I would have, like in the comics, run a competing new publisher opposite the Daily Planet, one that focuses on the more modern digital sector. In his mind the Daily Planet is the past while he is the future all the while having Intergang’s tendrils run throughout the city and using the paper to help further their agenda. Meanwhile the gang itself with be supplied with technology from out of this world, tech supplied by an Agent of Darksied which would also be a nice setup for Justice league. Intergang would be the real world threat for Clark and Lois to bond over and their true benefactor would be revealed at the end of movie to lead right into Justice League.

John Henry Irons

This is a tricky character to adapt but one I’d like to see them tackle. Some definite tweaking with the character’s heroic identity of Steel would have to happen as it is a hard one to do after Iron Man has made such an indelible imprint on the general public’s minds. Steel runs the danger of coming across as War Machine with a big hammer but without a lot of the tech gadgets/weapons. That s why the character needs to be tweaked. There would still be the whole “Superman saves his life and inspires him” plotline but perhaps he could aid Superman in other areas like perhaps being a more technological ally after defecting from LexCorp. They could even has his hacker name be Steel with an avatar representing his comic book look. From there he can grow and look at starting his own company to compete with Luthor which would draw the ire of his old boss. It would be the best of both words: it would keep the essence of the character while throwing a new spin on him, one that works in a post Downey world.


By the time the third sequel has arrived a Justice League movie will have been made and Superman would have achieved his goal of setting up the DC Cinematic Universe. What will be his reward? Why adapting the classic arc “The Death of Superman” which Henry Cavill himself lists as his favourite Superman story. The range of emotion that would wash across the screen with Superman dying, the people’s reactions, and the aftermath would be a sight to behold but none of that would be possible without this individual, the creature that kills Superman: Doomsday. What form the third movie takes is anyone’s guess (do we kill Superman in the beginning and have him return before movie’s end or do we kill him at the end and have him come back in the fourth?) but how awesome would it be to see this knockout brawl adapted on the big screen? Personally, at the end of the second movie I’d have Superman in space listening to the world’s troubles before zooming off to prevent another catastrophe but the camera wouldn’t follow him. Instead it would remain motionless until we hear the faint sound of booming. The camera would keep zooming in on Earth, getting louder and louder until we reach the ground and an arm punches through to end the teaser segment. Imagine the fan anticipation for the next one after that but more importantly to Warners imagine the box-office. It’s not a matter of if this character will show up but when. He may not be the most layered character but he’s the means to an end for an awesome adaptation.


She was already mentioned and starred in the digital comic book prequel for Man of Steel so you know she is in the creative team’s minds. Having her show up in the second movie is far too soon but having her emerge after Superman is killed in the third movie would be brilliant. Lois and her could bond over Superman’s death and she could also be instrumental in using her Kryptonian knowledge to help revive her cousin back to life as well. I wouldn’t have her don the classic costume yet as she would still struggle to control her powers but her spunky personality and being a potential love interest for Jimmy would be quite entertaining. In the fourth movie and beyond, she can join  her cousin in a life of heroics after he has imparted the knowledge he has amassed over the last thirty years. She’d also be great in regards that we could use her to flashback to life on Krypton and also possibly establish a mysterious link to Brainiac and the lost Kryptonian City of Kandor tracing back to the city’s disappearance partially being her fault.


Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Hendra Adriyasa. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

Blog Quote Bubble

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That wraps up the eighteenth edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.


3 thoughts on “The Comic Connection: Issue #18

  1. Great instalment of the Comic Connection! Some great views on what characters people would like to see in a XMen movie. As for the character I’d like to see in the next Superman film, well for the villains it would have to be Lex Luthor, and or, Brainiac. Think Doomsday would be good as well but that would probably see Metropolis get flattened again. It would be great if Jimmy Olsen was in the next film as well. Some amazing art in your spotlight this week as well. Thank you so much for including my Blog in your list of recommendations as well. Have a great new comic book day!

    • Wow! We are definitely in synch this week. I just hope they do Brainiac justice after all this time. He was originally going to be featured in Superman III (Warner Bros. rejected the depiction), Superman Reborn (didn’t get made), Superman Lives (ditto), Superman Returns 2 (first film flopped so no sequel), and Man of Steel (got replaced by Zod early on). What awful luck indeed…

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