The Edge: Week 28 – 2 Weeks Until San Diego Comic-Con International


Well I hope everyone had a nice Canada Day and for my neighbors to the South I wish you a Happy Independence Day today as well. With that said, it’s hard to imagine that there is only two more Weeks until the big one: San Diego Comic-Con 2013! While sadly I won’t be in attendance, I hope that everyone that does go has a fabulous time. Not wanting to be left out, this Blog will do something special to celebrate Comic-Con Week. What is it you ask? Why for that week I’ll be featuring not one, not two, but five editions of #Trending. The first edition will come out on July 17 and will feature all the news from July 11-July 17. Then for everyday of Comic-Con I will have a special edition of #Trending summarizing the biggest news from the Con in one convenient and concise piece. Already rumors are circulating about what to expect with this week’s #Trending featuring a few notable points already (look for it tomorrow). I expect big things from Comic-Con so I can’t wait for its arrival. Until then…Happy Reading!

– GothamRogue


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2 thoughts on “The Edge: Week 28 – 2 Weeks Until San Diego Comic-Con International

  1. When you announced the introduction of a third Retroactive feature, you wrote that only series that are south of 300 issues will qualify. This morning I thought that, once Green Arrow is gone, Tim Drake’s solo series could be a perfect replacement. Robin Vol. 4 lasted 185 issues from November 1993 to April 2009, so it seems to have the necessary qualifications.
    Don’t feel obliged to fulfil my wish: if you choose a different replacement for Green Arrow, I’ll go on supporting you and your blog anyway. : )

    • Solid suggestion. I’ll take that under advisement.

      As for the other Retroactive features I know when Detective Comics ends I want to do Batman, Flash will transition into Green Lantern, and Uncanny X-Men will be another Marvel team book (probably Fantastic Four). Daredevil, Green Arrow, and Punisher’s replacements are all up for grabs though.

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