#Trending At The San Diego Comic-Con: DAY 1

Welcome to the first of four special editions of #Trending where I’ll summarize any comic-related news that occurred during each day of the Con. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. but will be in a more bullet point type fashion then the usual #Trending. Also different is that the Comic Book Cosplay section will be all female and consist of three photos instead of the usual two. Without further ado, let’s begin:




DC News

– An upcoming issue of Batman: Li’l Gotham will feature Gotham City’s own Comic-Con.

– CW’s The Vampire Dairies TV show is getting a weekly Digital First series.

– November will see the Digital First release of a new bi-monthly ongoing called Scooby-Doo Meets Batman and Robin.

– Beware the Batman and Teen Titians GO! are also getting Digital First series.

–  Adventures of Superman will see J.T. Krul and Marcus To create a story where Superman fights Mongul and another story by the creative team of Pia Guerra and Kyle Killen as well.

– Batman ’66’s second issue will feature The Penguin and Mr. Freeze and the third one will see the return of Caesar Romero’s Joker.

– Legends of the Dark Knight will see a Clayface story written and drawn by Shane Davis. As they described it: “The story has many twists and turns and you won’t know what was real and what wasn’t by the time it’s done.”

– An early villain in the upcoming Smallville arc featuring the debut of Wonder Woman will be Felix Faust.

– Batman Beyond will be jumping forward a year from the previous series with the promise of “something big has happened, but you’re not sure what yet.” We’re also going to get a new villain called Rewire.
– Justice League Beyond will feature an unnamed classic Superman villain.

– Geoff Johns hinted at a Shazam monthly series coming in the new year as well as a new Booster Gold solo series.
– Mary Marvel will be going by a new name but “Mary” will still be a part of it.

– The main mastermind character for Forever Evil is Lex Luthor.

– Earth 2’s first arc with the series’ new writer will see a lot of Earth 2 Batman.

– A new Doom Patrol series seems imminent.

– Lemire said his Count Vertigo special for Villains Month is “the creepiest thing I’ve ever written, so much so that I freaked myself out with it.”
– Lemire also stated: “I feel like before, Oliver Queen was so defined by his relationship with Black Canary. I think the longer we wait, the more story possibilities there are for me.”

– Animal Man will be going on a space adventure soon.

– Brian Buccellato said in regards to Rogues Rebellion: “The Rogues, they’re going to rebel against something. They’re about stealing, the score, the job. They want to drink some beers at the end of the day and know they stole something really, really expensive.” Geoff Johns added: “Brian and I have gotten together a lot to talk about this. I think they have a great take on the Rogues, but something happens in Forever Evil, but not all the villains are excited about it. It’s like the new boss is worse than the old boss.”
– We’ll soon be learning who the individual behind the mask of the Reverse Flash is in the main Flash title as well.

– Gail Simone said that “the way Barbara Gordon got her legs back will be revealed as the title continues. We’ve been telling little bits of it. You’ll get pieces here and there as we go along.”

– A new female Copperhead will be one of the villains in the videogame Batman: Arkham Origins. Apparently, Geoff Johns was so happy with the new Copperhead that DC will be introducing her in the comics.
– They also revealed “there’d be more ‘abstract’ sequences in the vein of the Scarecrow and Mad Hatter missions from previous installments.”

– Lemire’s new Vertigo series Trillium, which he is writing and drawing, will “launch with a flipbook #1 where the two stories will meet in the middle with readers picking which character to follow into the world.” He stated:  “I’m trying to play around in every issue with something like that in the format of the storytelling.”


Marvel News
marvel logo

 – Black Cat will be appearing in Superior Spider-Man which will lead into the quote-unquote “very monumental issue #20”. As they put it: “Issue #20 is the issue Dan has been talking about. This will be as big as when he was talking about issue #698.”
– An upcoming arc in Superior Spider-Man will see our “hero” take on Venom. The storyline is called Darkest Hour and will be starting in November. Dan Slott said: “It’s awesome! This is the first time Flash Thompson is going to be up against Superior Spider-Man. It’s the first time Venom against Ock.”
– Expect more Betty Brant in the future.

– Regarding what is going to happen in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up: “We’ve seen him collect his old team. In issue #1, the Avengers have put Spider-Man on probation. He doesn’t take too kindly to that. He thinks he needs a new team.”

– We got our first look at Bishop for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

– Then we got our first look at the Sentinels:
Sentinel prototype


“The Independents” Comic News

– Issue #25 of IDW’s TMNT series will debut Leonardo’s new Foot Clan look.
– Issue #27 of TMNT will debut Hun from the 2003 animated show and as they put it: “We don’t want to ignore the other stuff that came before us. You’re going to see new classic elements turned on its head.”
– The final issue of the TMNT Villain Micro-Series will focus on the Shredder.

– Dark Horse is bringing us a 12 Issue maxi-series titled Terminator: The Final Battle which will follow-up on the events of the Terminator: Salvation movie. J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods are the creative team.
– The premise of the new series: “If you’re Skynet, and you know that you are on the cusp of being defeated by humans, because despite your all your technology and your science and your brains humans are simply better at killing than you are — maybe you look to recruit another mind into the equation. Maybe you look into history a bit and you find one of the most ruthless serial killers of the 20th century, a human who hunts humans…and integrate that mind, that person, into the architecture you’ve created. In that way, the story becomes about Skynet, but also about who and what we are as a species. Which is what always set this series of movies apart from the imitators: it’s not just about machines, it’s about what those machines have to say about us.”

– Papercutz is creating a series of graphic novels based on the original line-up of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. “Each graphic novel will serve as a ‘lost episode,’ with the first volume taking place before the debut of Tommy as the Green Ranger and the arrival of Lord Zed. This first volume will be written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by PH Marcondes, and is slated to be released in May 2014.”


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And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

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