#Trending At The San Diego Comic-Con: DAY 3

Welcome to the third of four special editions of #Trending where I’ll summarize any comic-related news that occurred during each day of the Con. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. but will be in a more bullet point type fashion then the usual #Trending. Also different is that the Comic Book Cosplay section will be all female and consist of three photos instead of the usual two. Without further ado, let’s begin:




DC News

– Warner Brothers announced a Batman/Superman team-up film with production set to start in 2014 while eyeing a 2015 release. The creative team behind the film is Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer. Goyer said: “We don’t know what we’re going to call it yet — ‘Superman vs. Batman,’ ‘Batman vs. Superman,’ — but those two guys on screen, that’s happening.” With the announcement, everyone lost their minds in excitement…myself included.

– We learned that a future DC Animated movie based on the storyline “Batman and Son” is on the horizon for next year along with another one called “Assault of Arkham” which is a spin-off from the video game franchise.

– Season Two of Arrow will take place five months after the Season One finale. The whole season is “about Oliver becoming a hero. He’s going from becoming the Hood last season to becoming Green Arrow this season. As bad as Starling City was in season one, in season two it’s even worse. It’s not about crossing names off a list anymore… The city needs a hero, it needs a symbol of hope.”
– Actress Caity Lotz is joining the cast as a recurring character…a character known as the Black Canary. As they explained: “One of the things we’re doing this season is telling the beginning of the Black Canary story. She’ll be introduced the same way Green Arrow and others have been. The first Green Arrow we saw wasn’t Oliver, it was Yao Fei – so this is just the beginning.”
– Other notes: Deadshot will be back, the Suicide Squad will come into the picture, actor Michael Jai White is going to play the villain Bronze Tiger who will be partnering with China White, actor Kevin Alejandro will be playing Sebastian Blood (“an alderman who rises to power in the wake of the earthquake that devastated Starling City”), Thea will be running Oliver’s nightclub, the character of John Diggle is going to appear in upcoming Green Arrow comics, and Roy Harper will “go through is own ‘Island ordeal’ in season two to mold him into sidekick material.”

– New Green Lantern villain Relic is “being designed as a specific threat to the Lanterns. Even though he’s being billed as a villain, he’s still a sympathetic character, as will be detailed in his Villains Month issue.”
– Regarding the one month crossover entitled Lights Out: “There’s a big problem with the light. Lanterns use the light as their tools and their weapons. Relic has a plan to solve the problem, but it will affect all the Lanterns. Lights Out will bring about a status quo change that will be felt across the titles.”
– Dan DiDio might have somewhat spoiled the change: “One of the color corps are destroyed in the course of the battle that takes place with this character that we’ve introduced called Relic. It’s a new character but an extremely old character that’s going to affect every aspect of the Green Lantern universe. He actually destroys one of the Corps and the Power Battery.”
– A Saint Walker solo-series? “The Blue Lanterns would be involved in the long run and Saint Walker has a storyline post-Lights Out, but there are no solo plans.”

– Issue #23 of Batman will reveal that the Red Hood gang began the night Bruce’s parents were murdered.
– Issue #24 will be 50 pages and feature Batman in a new costume. “It will have a modernized, militant version of the Bob Kane design. Also, he will look different under the cowl than you might expect.” Also, a redesigned Batmobile is coming our way.
– Snyder explained “that a lot of writers don’t use the Riddler because riddles are really hard to write. Riddles are considered the highest form of warfare… Riddles are a test of worth, and if you fail you die. The Riddler is going to wage war against the city and Batman needs to be the one who is smart enough to answer the riddle.”
– Scott Snyder said “I really want to use Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, but I can’t right now and there are no plans for them. I hope that will change in the future.”
– Snyder also said: “There is going to be big repercussions from the Death Of Family fallout in the future. Big things coming for Batman and Robin involving Two-Face. There are plans for Hush but in a different Batbook and not by me.”
– Is Harper Row the next Robin? Snyder answered: “The next Robin question is one we do collaboratively…you just have to wait and see with that one. I didn’t design her to be Robin, I designed her to give a view of Gotham being poor and female. In another Batman book, I can’t say what or when, has her featured very prominently.”


Marvel News
marvel logo

– Avengers 2 got its official name: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Joss Whedom reassured us that “the movie shares only a title with the comic book event, and will instead be a totally original story.”
– Whedon also added: “I always wanted to use Ultron as the villain in a sequel. We’re doing our own version of the origin story for Ultron. In the origin story, there was Hank Pym, so a lot of people assumed that he will be in the mix. He’s not. We’re basically taking the things from the comics for the movies that we need and can use. A lot of stuff has to fall by the wayside. We’re crafting our own version of it where his origin comes more directly from The Avengers we already know about. It’s a little bit darker than the other film because Ultron is in the house. There’s a science fiction theme that wasn’t there in the other one. Ultron is definitely something that evolves, so we’re going to get together a couple of different iterations.”

– The plot of Guardians of the Galaxy was partially revealed: “Thrown in an intergalactic booking station, Star-Lord winds up alongside the other criminals who will become the Guardians of the Galaxy: Zoe Saldana’s very green Gamora, Dave Bautista’s green with some reddish highlights Drax, the tree-man Groot, and the little spitfire Rocket Raccoon. Guardians is really about a family coming together. It’s about a group of individuals who have acted selfishly and only as individuals throughout their life and learning something about themselves that makes them heroes.”
– Describing his character, Chris Pratt reveals: “Star Lord goes around space making out with hot alien girls and being a bit of a jerk. It’s through teaming up with the Guardians he finds a greater purpose.”
– They confirmed that Karen Gillan is Nebula, Djimon Honsou is Koranth, Lee Pace is Ronan the Accuser, and Benicio Del Toro is The Collector.
– The tone of the movie was described as being “unique — funny, strange, and kind of out there. Marvel is definitely pushing in a new direction with this one.”
– Will there be any connection to the Marvel Universe? “Well, we have Thanos. Thanos is the thing that connects us to the Marvel Universe. In the future, we’ll see what happens after this. But for right now, we’re connected because of three seconds at the end of The Avengers.”

– Captain America: The Winter Soldier was revealed that “the events of this film are the most important in terms of heading into Avengers: Age of Ultron. There’s a very strong connection in the narrative between the events of the end of Avengers that drive this film — and there’s a very strong hand off to Avengers 2 at the end of this movie. This is the biggest bridge of all of the Phase 2 movies.”
– Emily Van Camp was confirmed to be playing Agent 13, Sharon Carter.
– The film is being described as “pretty close to Brubaker’s Winter Soldier comics, at least as far as it concerns Bucky.”
– Regarding Black Widow’s role: “Natasha Romanoff is very integral to the story. Johansson and Chris Evans share this movie, in a big way. Their working relationship becomes a more intimate friendship. They have some unexpected similarities – they both have their guard up, they have trust issues, and they’ve also both been working for ‘the man’ for their entire career. Through this unexpected friendship that forms, they both start to question what they want.”

– Rick Remender discussed some upcoming events in his Uncanny Avengers: “What we’ve been building here is coming to a head. The Apocalypse Twins are going to instigate a worldwide mutant rapture. We’ve seen a lot of infighting among the superhero population, going back to Civil War. That theme has carried through. The consequences of that is what Uncanny Avengers is all about.”
– Steve McNiven will be the new artist of Uncanny Avengers.
– Will the Uncanny Avengers’ cast get bigger? Remender: “Actually they will get smaller. ”
– Dr. Doom from 2099 will be playing a “huge role” in the series as well.

– Regarding the newly announced series Inhuman: “Last year at Comic-Con we were saying to keep your eyes on Guardians of the Galaxy because they’d be huge players in the Marvel Universe in the year to come, and that we are saying the same thing about Inhuman this year. There’s going to be some exciting stuff to explore in not only who they are, but how long they existed.”

– Peter Dinklage was officially confirmed to be playing Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
– Regarding the movie’s plot: “Basically the notion is Hugh of the future is sent … his consciousness… is sent into his younger self and Hugh gets to play both parts because he is ageless”

– Jeff Wadlow, the current writer of the X-Force movie script had this to say when asked about the importance of Cable in his draft: “Here’s the thing, I love the current run of Uncanny X-Force. I love the classic run. Part of my take was addressing this idea that X-Force can be many different things, and that’s what got the studio excited. I think the fans will be excited, too.”


“The Independents” Comic News

– Top Cow announced a new Darkness feature film that will not only feature the title character but the Witchblade and the Angelus as well. Apparently, “it’s much further along that the usual development announcements.”

– A new Top Cow series was also announced tentatively called Teen Witchblade. As they put it: “It is an Ultimates-style book that Stjepan Sejic is doing. It’s a young adult version of the Top Cow universe that includes some creator-owned characters including Lady Pendragon, Dragon Prince, the Darkness, the Witchblade, and the Angelus. It’s funny and charming and the response to it on deviantART was so overwhelming we decided to publish it.”

–  The new Dark Horse Tomb Raider series “begins a few weeks after the conclusion of the game and is designed to lead
directly into the eventual sequel.”

– Invincible #105 will “serve as a primer issue to bring in new readers”. It is promised that “it’s not going to be a boring issue for fans of Invincible. Rather, it’ll be the start of a new story and status quo, followed up by the rivalry between the title character and his father Omni-Man. It will also mark the return of a fan favorite character.”

– A new Image book called Dead Body Road was announced coming to us from Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera. They revealed: “Dead Body Road is a new modern day western comics series. Debuting in November, the series sends an ex-cop named Gage on a mission of ultimate vengeance when his wife is killed during a bank robbery where the culprits were looking for more than just loot, and Gage makes it a point to dispatch every single one of them no matter what.”

– IDW’s next Richard Stark’s Parker graphic novel by Darwyn Cooke, called Slayground, was revealed. Its synopsis: “Parker is put to the test against crooked cops and sleazy gangsters after a heist goes south and he finds himself trapped in an amusement park closed for the winter, and embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse… a game that slowly starts to favor the mouse.”

– Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare talked about their new Image series Rocket Girl: “It’s about a fifteen year old cop coming back from the future to 1986. The twist of the book is the future is an alternate future of 2013. The concept came from an ’80s view of the future, and Rocket Girl has to come back to the past to find out why we don’t have this utopia.”

– A new Image series was revealed called Black Science from the creative team of Rick Remender, Mattero Scalera, and Dean White. It’s about “a guy that is a member of the league of black sciences, who is playing with things that he should not be.”


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And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “#Trending At The San Diego Comic-Con: DAY 3

    • I really had no clue who he was and after doing a quick IMDB check all I’ve ever seen him in is in Men In Black so I can’t really comment on the casting. I take it you’ve seen him in some great stuff that makes him an inspired choice?

      • Yes! I’ve seen him in:

        Full Metal Jacket
        Ed Wood
        Men in Black
        Cadillac Records
        Brooklyn’s Finest
        Fire with Fire
        Escape Plan

        All these movies are pure awesomeness. Thank you for your reply! : )

          • He played the bad guy in at least 3 of the movies I mentioned, so he has enough talent and experience to play a criminal mastermind like the Kingpin.

            • Fantastic. I can’t wait to see which character they cast next. Will we see Elektra? Bullseye? I’m going to have to go with Foggy though as the next reveal. He is a pretty essential character and should have an ongoing role.

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