The Edge: Week 32 – Retirement On My Mind…


Before you get too upset, no I’m not talking about me and this Blog. I thought I’d alleviate all your fears right away. In my life away from here my current boss is retiring which is quite a loss for me and the company I work for. He was a great man, a great boss, and an even better friend. He’s been there for me when needed and going forth life at work is going to be that much harder. With his retirement on the horizon this Friday, I volunteered to film and edit a farewell video to present to him at our going away party. The majority of my free time has been reserved for that project this week so bear with me as it pertains to this blog. Otherwise, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and gets some quality reading done. Until next time!

– GothamRogue


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2 thoughts on “The Edge: Week 32 – Retirement On My Mind…

    • The party was great and highly emotional. You know the mark of a good video when you have people in tears. I’m going to miss seeing him everyday but I’m happy that he is about to enter into the next fulfilling phase of his life. 🙂

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