The Edge: Week 33 – Get Ready For Some C.O.T.W.


My boss’ retirement party and subsequent farewell video is sadly in the distance. Overall it was a big hit: he enjoyed it and got really emotional and my fellow employees also cried a tear or two. I always say that you can tell the success of a goodbye video by the amount of tears shed. With that project complete and some recent family gatherings done, I can shift my time towards a renewed focus on the Blog. The good thing is I’m already pretty much on track besides one feature: Covers of the Week. That is why by this time next week I vow to be on track with that feature. That means you’ll be treated to not one but four weekly articles (07/17, 07/24, 07/31, and 08/07) plus my July Covers of the Month. Hopefully in next week’s Edge I’ll be proud to announce mission successful. Happy Reading everyone!

– GothamRogue


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