Covers of the Week 07/17/13

It is time for the best covers from the week that was. A quick reminder: only comics that I personally have purchased qualify for this piece. If a title contains more than one cover, only the one I own is taken into consideration. Now without further ado:


Fifth PlaceDeadpool_13Deadpool #13
Cover Artist:
 Kris Anka

Fourth Place Wonder-Woman_22Wonder Woman #22
Cover Artist:
Cliff Chiang

Third Place Batman-and-Catwoman_22Batman & Catwoman #22
Patrick Gleason 
certainly delivered one dramatic cover this week to take the third place spot. This is just a simply brilliant image that uses the shadows and the smoke to great results. The stars of the cover are Batman and Catwoman who are squaring off on top of the Bat-Signal, Batman has a stern and emotionless look on his face while Catwoman is smiling ear to ear. Batman’s cape is rendered in a really fantastic shot, flowing in a very striking way while Catwoman’s whip playfully twirls above them. They are extremely close-up to one another and you can feel the tension, the physical chemistry pop off the page. But this issue is not about love it is about Batman going through the next stage of grief (despair) and the rest of the image helps sell that fact. We have the ominously coloured green smoke which breaks up the surrounding darkness with some colour, highlighting our heroes and differentiating them from the shadows, while billowing off the top of the cover. The colouring technique used on the shadows and the signal creates a beautiful texture to the image and is an inspired choice as well with its gothic appearance. I also love the added detail of how the various bats and an on looking cat are watching the two stars of this issue. Overall, this is an image that is just begging to be made into a physical statue if I ever saw one.

Second Place Supergirl_22Supergirl #22
Mahmud Asrar 
is the runner-up this week with this cover featuring Supergirl in a way we’ve never seen her in before. This creepy image is cut straight down the middle, one half depicting her normal self while the other is dominated by metal and machinery. The whole reason for this depiction finds root in the storyline currently going on in the pages of this series regarding perennial Superman villain, the Cyborg Superman. This image of the “Cyborg Supergirl” uses the shadows to great effect as it masks the horrors of what fate has possibly fallen upon her. In fact using the shadows to cover the metallic transformation works far better than showing the machinery out right, fueling the sombre and serious tone which is also prevalent on Supergirl’s vacant, emotionless expression. The red background really makes the blacks and the other colours pop off the page, the singular red eye is haunting, and the various apparatuses that are hooked up to her are both mysterious and sinister looking. The cover is a brilliant artistic endeavor that uses a limited palette to create a brilliant art deco image. The caption “Synthesis…Complete” really gets the reader’s mind racing. What does that mean? Is Supergirl really going to be converted? Will the Cyborg Superman stand triumphant? It compels you to open the book up for answers and like I always say…that is what truly makes a great cover.

First PlaceBatwoman_22Batwoman #22
And here is the Cover of the Week by J.H. Williams III who wins this distinction for the sixth time. This is a really dynamic action scene that casts the reader in the role of the thug by using a first-person perspective. Batwoman delivers a vicious punch, her fist appearing immense and looking like it is ready to break the invisible border of the cover and leap from the page into the real world. But this blow is not just a glancing shot, it is an absolute knockout blow that has caused the villain to gush out some blood, blood that is plastered in various sections on the cover. This blow is also so forceful in fact that he is flying backwards, arms and hands flailing around causing the very title of this series to become disjointed and off-kilter. As always, her cape and hair is depicted in a visually interesting matter but the background is a real star as well. This background is predominantly white with some red lighting effects that succeeds in subconsciously drawing your eye onto the central image. Immersing the reader into the shoes of the villain, gifting us with the perspective of what it must feel like to be one of them, and partaking in an absolutely visceral, raw, and emotionally charged image makes it stand heads above the rest. With that said, J.H. Williams III, I award you the first place crown this week. Congratulations!

So those are my favourites and it’s a victory for DC with a four-to-one showing against Marvel. What’s your personal favourite covers from the week that was? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Covers of the Week 07/17/13

  1. FF #9 is adorable. Plenty others look cool. But there’s only one acceptable answer: Fantastic Four #10. The Thing punching Ben Franklin. here’s no beating that.

  2. Great top three covers, I think your choice for cover of the week was spot on, that Batwoman cover was awesome. The top three were all so good, it must have been a very difficult choice this week.

    • It was difficult indeed. I went back and forth between Supergirl and Batwoman numerous times. Nailing down 3-5 was another hard choice but in the end I couldn’t resist the awesomeness of Batman & Catwoman.

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