#Trending In The World Of Comics: 08/08/13-08/14/13 (Kevin Maguire’s “Eventful” Week, Bale To Return As Batman? & Other News)

In #Trending I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week. This will included news about comic books, comic-related movies, TV shows, video games, etc. while also highlighting various Comic Book Cosplay (one female and one male). Let’s begin:




A Rollercoaster Week for Kevin Maguire KevinMaguireKevin Maguire was going to be the ongoing artist for DC’s new Justice League 3000 series. Then DC decided to completely rework it, tossing Maguire off the book. Kevin Maguire had the following to say:Well, first off, thanks everyone for your warm regards. After a few confusing hours, I kind of know where things stand and why. Though I’m still a bit perplexed as to how it got to this point. As for work, I’ve been offered some fun interesting stuff, many of which came from DC ,who were very eager to keep me working there, so I’ll be fine on that score, but it would have been great to do another Justice League with Giffen and DeMatteis. Oh, well…onward and upward…”

The new artist was revealed to be Howard Porter. Maguire continued:Well, I don’t want to make any big deal about it but I suppose I should say something. This is, as I tweeted, very humiliating. Obviously, I was looking forward to working on a fairly high profile book. I haven’t had a top ten book since the 80s and I thought this would finally be my shot at doing one. But it’s DC‘s book, it’s their property, they can do whatever they want with it. They don’t owe me anything. I’ve been told they wanted a book that was ‘dark and gritty’, so I’m perplexed as to why they chose us for that. We did exactly the kind of book you would expect from us. Lots of action and humor. AND I turned down a Bendis X-Men project to do JL3K. As for my doing other projects with DC, they offered me a four page story and a 10 page digital first story. They’re paychecks, so I’m grateful for that, but they’re no Justice League #1. I really don’t want to do back-ups and fill-ins for my career. So, right now, I’ll do the four pager and then I think that’ll be it for me and DC for a while. I’ve received some interesting offers from other companies. Marvel generously offered me an issue of a cool book, so I’m going to do that for now, then see what happens. I was supposed to do Baltimore Comic Con next month with Giffen and DeMatteis, but I’ll be canceling that for obvious reason. Apart from the fact that I no longer have a project to promote with them, Giffen’s Newsarama quote, which I’m certain had no intended malice, still kinda stung. That’s it. That covers all I have to say about this. It’ll be forgotten news by next week and we all move on with our lives.”

And what pray tell was the quote he was referring to? Keith Giffen: The guy who nailed the character designs on the interior of the book? The guy who teamed with Grant Morrison to make JLA a hit? This is what they call a no-brainer. Welcome aboard Howard. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.” Ouch! And what about that Marvel offer? Bendis: “As I have made it very clear on this tumbler I think artists like Kevin are a national treasure and should be treated as such by publishers and readers alike. As Matt fraction said at dinner last night he is probably one of the most influential comic artists of this generation but doesn’t get enough credit for it. You can see his influence in a lot of places. We have been talking about working together on an off for a while but the stars never aligned. I am not exactly sure what happened to him this week but I would like to thank whoever it was that made it possible for  Kevin to join me on Guardians of the Galaxy number 10. Which I hope will be the first of many projects together. I may have just announced something I wasn’t supposed to :-)”

I’m completely disheartened by this. Why DC do we need another “dark and gritty” book? What were you expecting from the team that brought us JLI? I was really looking forward to this series but now I’m not sure I’m even going to pick it up. Definitely it has downgraded from “Ongoing Subscription” to a possible “Off The Shelf” contender for me.

Bale Back As Batman?batmanThe latest rumor going around is that Warner Bros. is trying to get Christian Bale to once again play Batman in the upcoming Superman VS Batman movie. A new eBook called “Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma” by Vince Russel, claims that Bale has been offered $50 million to reprise his iconic role. The author states: “Sources close to Legendary Pictures claim Bale may have no choice but to accept the deal. He could probably make $50 million for being in the movie 20 minutes. And it would be worth every penny to the studio.” Latino Review’s El Mayimbe believes there is some truth to the statement as “Vince Russel would need to have legit sources in order to get away with publishing this news in his book, otherwise he could face an expensive lawsuit for slander.” If DC doesn’t want to start fresh with the Dark Knight and insist on hiring a 40 year old actor why not go for Bale? Will he accept? Is there really an offer on the table? Stay tuned…same Bat-time, same Bat-blog!

DC News
The demand for DC’s 3D Villain’s Month covers are already on the rise as single issues have actually sold in advance on eBay for as high as $20 while a full set of covers has jumped from $145 to $369. I’m getting the whole batch thanks to a great deal at my LCS but I for one will not be participating in this eBay craze.

(#2) Geoff Johns was dropping some major SPOILERS in regards to Forever Evil. For those that want to know HIGHLIGHT THE FOLLOWING: “As far as the world knows, the Justice Leagues are dead. What happened to them and where they are will be revealed within the pages of Forever Evil, which is focused squarely on the greatest villains in comics, this event would be changing the status quo of the DCU in a major way.  What’s most surprising about Forever Evil isn’t its repercussions, however. It’s that everything we thought we knew about the series is wrong. Up to this point, we’ve believed that the Secret Society of Super Villains has been in control, manipulating the Justice League and turning public opinion against them. The fact is that there’s an even higher power, one that will be revealed at the end of Trinity War in Justice League #23 – The Crime Syndicate will be the ones leading the charge to take the world in Forever Evil.” END OF SPOILERS.

Marvel News
marvel logo
(#1) The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal made a ruling that Jack Kirby’s heirs have no rights to his work for Marvel Comics and upheld the ruling that the works are to be regarded as works for hire and owned by Marvel. Regardless, I’m sure this is not the end…

(#2) Spider-Man 2099 will be involved in some aspect in a Marvel NOW 2 series but whatever series it may be it will not be an ongoing.

(#3) Matt Fraction is going to be leaving Fantastic Four and FF. His last solely written issue of Fantastic Four will be #12 and FF will be issue #11. His leaving was chalked up to the demands of the upcoming Inhumanity event and his new subsequent Inhuman series. Karl Kesel will be the new writer of Fantastic Four while Mike Allred’s brother, Lee Allred, will join him on FF. Tom Brevoort adds: “Matt will continue to be credited on both titles for the duration of the storyline, as he’s contributed to each issue in a material way, but the heavy lifting is going to be done by Karl and Lee respectively. The demands of Inhumanity on Matt’s time increased to the point where something had to give, and that something turned out to be Fantastic Four and FF.” I’m not too sad to see him leave Fantastic Four but his FF was brilliant and that will be quite a blow for me to see him leave.

Movies/TV News
(#1) Last week we discussed Batman casting rumors but this week we had some Lex Luthor ones. The two leading contenders are Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Mark Strong (Green Lantern). Two solid choices, that’s for sure!

(#2) And speaking of Batman casting news: actor Scott Adkin (The Expendables 2) has Tweeted: “Warner Brothers have approached Scott Adkins to audition to be the new BATMAN & he has…”

(#3) The ongoing saga of which Marvel character Vin Diesel will be  playing has come to an end. So was it the Vision, Thanos, or Ultron? Well the  answer was…none of the above. You see, Diesel will  be the voice of Groot in the upcoming Guardians  of the Galaxy movie. Yes…you read that right. Diesel explained: “I’m so busy. The audience wanted Vin and Marvel, Vin and Marvel. But I’m  too busy to do a six-month role. So what Marvel came up with was really  interesting.” I certainly never would have guessed that. Groot, in the comics,  is not the most talkative character so it will be interesting to see how much the  character will be altered for the big screen.

(#4) So with Groot gaining a voice that just leaves Rocket Racoon. According to the latest rumors floating around, the role might go to Director James Gunn’s brother, Sean Gunn. Somehow I highly doubt that will happen though.

(#5) Geoff Johns confirmed that the character of Aquaman will be starring in or heavily featured in an upcoming DC Animated Universe film.

(#6) Ian Hart (Harry Potter) has landed a recurring role on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show to play an unnamed scientist.

(#7) Speaking of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, we learned the following:  “All super-powers introduced on the show must be explained by science — not magic or supernatural forces.” Better luck next time, Dormammu…

(#8) Teryl Rothery (Stargate SG-1) will be featured in a 3-4 episode arc on Arrow. Who will she be playing you ask? She will help bring to life the character of Jean Loring staring in the third episode. Her role on the show was described as follows: “JEAN LORING is a savvy attorney from the DC COMICS UNIVERSE who would do anything for her clients. Jean makes her way onto Arrow as a longtime friend and legal counsel to Moira Queen, who is on trial for her role in the destruction of The Glades, but soon finds herself pulled into the scandalous lives of the entire Queen family.” Is Ray Palmer close behind?

(#9) Thor: The Dark World is currently adding more Loki scenes to it. Director Alan Taylor said: “We’re doing full scenes, scenes that were not in the movie before. We’re adding scenes, creating scenes, writing scenes for the first time… We realized how well Loki was working in the movie and we wanted to do more with him. So it was that kind of thing, it was like, ‘Oh, we could do this, we could jam this in here,’ because he’s such a wonderful guy to watch do his stuff.” Sounds good to me!

Comic Book Cosplay of the Week ladydeadpool________________________________________________________deadpool________________________________________________________

And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “#Trending In The World Of Comics: 08/08/13-08/14/13 (Kevin Maguire’s “Eventful” Week, Bale To Return As Batman? & Other News)

  1. “Last week we discussed Batman casting rumors but this week we had some Lex Luthor ones. The two leading contenders are Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Mark Strong (Green Lantern).” Another Breaking Bad actor, Dean Norris, is the best one you could hire for the role, in my opinion. He has the physique du role and he has already played a very similar role in Under the Dome.

      • When I read the book, I usually imagine the physical appearance of each character, and I give each of them the face of a person I know, of a VIP or of an actor.
        When I was reading Under the Dome, I gave the role of Big Jim to Tom Selleck (which is odd, because he usually plays good characters, not evil ones).
        When I watched the show… I thought that Dean Norris was a good choice, but I couldn’t help thinking that Tom Selleck was the one and only Big Jim Rennie.
        Talking about TV shows, a few days ago an italian channel broadcasted an episode of the Human Target. It was called “Ilsa Pucci”, and I learnt from imdb that it was the 1st episode of the 2nd season. I liked it very much, so you were perfectly right when you recommended me to watch it a few months ago. If I’m not too tired, I’ll watch the next episodes as well. Thank you for your reply! : )

        • So you’ve read the book? How does the series compare to the book so far? Lots of changes? Minor ones?

          “I liked it very much, so you were perfectly right when you recommended me to watch it a few months ago.”
          Happy to hear! A great show that got cancelled way to soon. What is worse is that they only released the first season on DVD. My collection is incomplete! 😦

          • “How does the series compare to the book so far?” The book is awesome. It is over 1k pages long, but I read it in 5 days. My first impression is that the tv show is not that awesome, but it’s very well done anyway.
            “Lots of changes? Minor ones?” In the novel Junior Rennie is much younger and much more violent. Apart from this, I’ve nothing to complain about. But you must consider that I watched only the pilot of Under the Dome: maybe I’ll find some other disappointing changes in the next episodes. Of course I hope I won’t. Thank you for your replies! : )

            • “My first impression is that the tv show is not that awesome, but it’s very well done anyway.”
              I have to agree with you on that. It definitely has its ups and downs for me going forward but it is something to tide me over for the summer months.

              “But you must consider that I watched only the pilot of Under the Dome: maybe I’ll find some other disappointing changes in the next episodes. Of course I hope I won’t.”
              You’ll have to keep me up to date in that department.

              Regardless, it got renewed for a 2nd season and Stephen King is even going to write the first episode of Season 2.

  2. If Bale is being offered 50 mill, the studios better get their money’s worth … 20 minutes not going to cut it. :).

    I love the actor that plays Loki, I could watch an entire movie focused on that character! Yes, please add more scenes of Loki in Thor 2!

    • If Bale accepted, I’m sure the movie would do huge numbers. I mean, it’s already going to do huge numbers but with Bale I think it will have an even bigger box office. But please DC, don’t have Batman in it for only 20 minutes… We’ve waited this long for the World’s Finest, don’t relegate it to a brief encounter!

      And yes, more Loki is always a good thing! 🙂

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