Villainous Covers of the Week Special Edition: 09/04/13


It is time for the first of four special editions of Covers of the Week this month which will focus on the very best offerings from DC’s Villains Month. When I judge the covers, I’ll be factoring in how well they came across using the 3D technology that DC applied to each title. Now without further ado:


Fifth Placerelic1Green Lantern #23.1: Relic
Cover Artist:
 Billy Tan
Highlights: Relic’s outstretched hand throwing the broken Lantern Rings from the various Corps creates an interesting 3D visual where the rings appear to be floating right in front of us, looking like they are going to fall off the page the closer they come to the forefront.

Fourth Place ventriloquist1Batman – The Dark Knight #23.1: Ventriloquist
Cover Artist:
Patrick Gleason
Highlights: Ventriloquist and Ferdie are in our face, ready to climb off the page and “entertain” us. The various puppets that are made to look like the rest of the Bat-Family being hung on nooses also standout brilliantly from the rest of the background.

Third Place two-face1Batman and Robin #23.1: Two-Face
Cover Artist:
Chris Burnham
Highlights: Better watch out, that coin is heading straight at us! There’s another neat effect used on this cover where we actually see Two-Face flip the coin which is truly awesome indeed and makes the cover come to life.

Second Place creeper1Justice League Dark #23.1: The Creeper
Cover Artist:
Mikel Janin
Highlights: The Creeper’s face looms as his hand breaks the confines of the page and gets ready to reach out and grab the reader. While the scarf is another standout element, the defining attribute of the cover is the twisting chains that really use the 3D effect to mind-blowing results.

First Placejoker1Batman #23.1: Joker
Cover Artist:
Jason Fabok
Highlights: This cover stands above the rest with its use of motion elements (the chattering teeth opening/closing and his tie looking like it is blowing in the wind) to its numerous three-dimensional effects (the creepy face of the Joker, the Ha! Ha! Ha!s, the gun pointed at us, and even his spit-curl). If any cover has used the 3D aesthetic to full advantage it was this one.

Which were your personal favourite covers of Villains Month from the week that was? Comment below!


One thought on “Villainous Covers of the Week Special Edition: 09/04/13

  1. I really liked the Joker cover and the Two Face cover, they were m favourites. Thought the Joker cover was the best use of the 3D effect I’ve seen so far, so glad I was able to get them.

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