Villainous Covers of the Week Special Edition: 09/18/13

It is time for the third of four special editions of Covers of the Week this month which will focus on the very best offerings from DC’s Villains Month. When I judge the covers, I’ll be factoring in how well they came across using the 3D technology that DC applied to each title. Now without further ado:


Fifth Placetherogues1The Flash #23.3: The Rogues
Cover Artist:
 Francis Manapul
Highlights: Captain Cold’s ice spiral emanating from his hand spins dramatically before leaping off the page at us, shards of ice splintering away. Heatwave’s flames add life to the character and overall all the Rogues are rendered in a way that really gives them a lot of depth.

Fourth Place blackhand1Green Lantern #23.3: Black Hand
Cover Artist:
Billy Tan
Highlights: Black Hand’s zombie minions at the bottom of the cover are ready to crawl off the page, dirt and debris falling off of them which adds an extra dimension. Black Hand’s…well hands are appropriately applied with the 3D effect as well, making this hunched figure look all the more menacing and dangerous. Finally, the outer space background lends itself well to the motion concept and increases the cover’s presence on the stands.

Third Place penguin1Batman #23.3: Penguin
Cover Artist: 
Jason Fabok
Highlights: I love the smoke emanating from the gun and weaving its way upwards as well as the Penguin’s cigarette holder propped in his mouth but the real star of the cover is the snow. This snowfall majestically covers the entire cover turning it into the comic book equivalent of a snow globe.

Second Place eclipso1Justice League Dark #23.2: Eclipso
Cover Artist:
Mikel Janin
Highlights: Eclipso’s outstretched hand thrusts the Heart of Darkness gem in front of our faces, its crackling energy radiating in every direction across the entire cover, making us feel its power. His hoodie really stands out as does the white strands of energy emanating from the villain. Lastly, the twisty turny background uses the 3D technology brilliantly to sell the swirling magical effect while also keeping us disoriented and drawing us in.

First Placerasalghul1Batman and Robin #23.3: Ras al Ghul
Cover Artist: 
Patrick Gleason
Highlights: The fire playfully dances at the bottom, embers rising up, up, and away past Ra’s himself and even the main title. Ra’s cape flows dramatically, the ninja assassins pop off the page, and their swords along with Ra’s are pointed and ready to strike. I even love the added detail of Pat Gleason and inker Mick Gray including their first names etched into the fire itself, their names standing out thanks to the third-dimension, curling with the flames. It is a cover that stands above the rest with it countless use of the 3D elements to create one stunning visual feast for the eyes.

Which were your personal favourite covers of Villains Month from the week that was? Comment below!

5 thoughts on “Villainous Covers of the Week Special Edition: 09/18/13

  1. As Villains month continues the covers seem to be getting better an better. I think the cover of Batman & Robin 23.3 Ras al Ghul is realy good, I love how all the flames curl with the assassins leaping off the page. I like the other coves here as well, and Flash 23.3 Rogues is another of my favourites. I really like the Flash and the Rogues, think this is my favourite cover from the Flash comics in Villains month.

    • “I really like the Flash and the Rogues, think this is my favourite cover from the Flash comics in Villains month.”
      I second this! I’m a big fan of the Rogues and can’t wait to read the Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion mini that is coming soon. It will be fun to see how they’re represented on the (hopefully to be picked up) Flash TV show!

  2. Batman # 23.3: Penguin deserves the gold medal, in my opinion. But I might be biased, because I love the Penguin, I hate Ra’s al Ghul (maybe he’s the most boring Bat – villain ever) and I don’t particularly like Eclipso – maybe because I saw him only in some issues of Team 7, and all of them were very boring.

    • I have to take my personal love or hate for a character out of the equation, otherwise the Rogues would take the cake. Ra’s al Ghul took first place solely on the use of the 3D technology. Some covers used it sparingly but this one pulled no punches.

      “I hate Ra’s al Ghul (maybe he’s the most boring Bat – villain ever)”
      Wow…that’s harsh. 🙂 Without Ra’s though, there’d be no Talia and with no Talia there’d be no Damian Wayne. Personally I like Ra’s as a character but to each his own.

      Eclipso on the other hand really never interested me too much pre or post new 52…

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