The Edge: Week 40 – I Need Your Help


I have a confession to make: when it comes to naming characters, I’m awful. I’ll eventually arrive on something I’m happy with but the road to the end result is long and tiresome. That’s why when I write any outlines I use code words as stand-ins to get by, to not dwell. That is basically what happened with this blog when I started almost one year ago. I had my first piece ready to go and then came my problem…what am I going to call this blog? I thought and I thought…and then I came up with GothamRogue’s Comic Blog. How original… As things got rolling the act of naming this blog officially fell by the wayside until I got to the point where I made a conscious decision: in time for my 1 year anniversary this blog will get a proper name. I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices but I need help. This past year of blogging and being on twitter, I’ve made some good friends so I’m turning it over to them. I’m asking for their help and yours in naming this blog and these replies will have a great impact on my final choice. What are the choices you ask? Here they are:

The Comic Asylum

Better Off Read

The Comic Connection

Paneled Glory

The Speech Bubble

Longbox Lexicon

Comix Catalyst

Between The Continuity

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions, so let me know what you like in the comments below. On Tuesday, I’ll announce the Winner. See you next week for my One-Year Retrospective…and Happy Reading!

– GothamRogue


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9 thoughts on “The Edge: Week 40 – I Need Your Help

  1. I had the same problem. I couldn’t decide on a blog name and just went with whatever … thinking I’d change it in the future.

    I like The Comic Connection the best! My second pick would be The Comic Asylum. I like your current name too! 🙂

  2. I agree with xmenxpert and sidekickreviews that The Comic Connection would be a good choice, but I think you shouldn’t change your name: when a friend of mine did it, she lost all her followers, because, if you change the name of your blog, WordPress erases the list of your followers.
    She had other troubles as well: for example, after changing the name she couldn’t link her Twitter profile with her blog anymore.
    Also, a few days ago I finished reading a marvellous novel, “Massacre at White River” by Lewis B. Patten. I know you’re not into western novels, but “Massacre at White River” is among the best ones I’ve ever read, and one of the very few ones that can be appreciated even by people who don’t like the genre very much.

    • That’s 3 Votes for Comic Connection, 1/2 Vote For Comic Asylum, 0 For The Rest.

      As for losing all my followers, I think the problem was they changed the blog address. I’m only going to change the Blog title. If I changed the part I’d lose everyone. This way I get a new name, same old address, and keep all my connections. Thanks for the suggestion and for the help! 🙂

  3. Well, this is an interesting question. I really like the name Gotham Rogue’s Comic Blog that you all ready have. If you were to change it I agree that Comic Connection would be a good choice, as its already one of your features. Didn’t expect you to change the name, but sounds like a fun idea. I remember when I decided to name my blog. I was stuck on the name as well, it was the last day of the Jubilee here in the UK, suddenly it was obvious. I’d call my blog Sci-Fi Jubilee! Funny how the name was in front of me the whole time, so to speak LOL. I thought about changing it afterwards, but like it, so I kept it. Look forward to hearing what name you pick next week.

    • That’s 4 Votes for Comic Connection, 1/2 Vote For Comic Asylum, 0 For The Rest.

      Still got to hear from a lot of people but it looks like Comic Connection could run away with this. Also, thanks for sharing the story of how you named your blog as I always wondered how you came up with it.

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