Between The Continuity: A Retroactive Look Back and an Amazing Replacement


Well it is the end of an era: I just put up my last Retroactive featuring the Amazing Spider-Man series. I know, I know. There’s still some 2013 issues I haven’t covered but I can’t highlight those until after December when the last five issues of Amazing Spider-Man (#700.1-#700.5) have seen release. Starting on November 22, 2012 and running for 50 features and counting, Retroactive as a whole has been my second most popular feature of this Blog. It’s also an interesting piece as I get to compare my choices with everyone else’s, a fact gives me great pleasure that people take the time to leave a comment and share. But enough reminiscing, it’s time to reveal Amazing Spider-Man’s replacement, the Marvel series that will team up with Detective Comics until I wrap up that series. I thought long and hard and ultimately made my decision based on one big determining factor: thanking those that have supported me. Ever since the first Retroactive, there has been one individual who has left a comment on every single one, one individual that has been a strong proponent of the feature: wwayne. Countless months ago he mentioned that he thought one series in particular would be worthy of inheriting the Marvel Retroactive mantle and that is what is going to happen. So give a big round of applause to the series that will be featured in my next Retroactive…Daredevil. You won’t have to wait too long for its grand debut either, as it will cap off my Retroactive Honor Week. What feature am I going to honor next though? None other than the Rankings with the crème de la crème final piece featuring my Overall Current Top Comic Series, combining my 3 separate Rankings into one Master List. Hope you all enjoy it!

– GothamRogue


6 thoughts on “Between The Continuity: A Retroactive Look Back and an Amazing Replacement

    • Glad to hear it. It’s going to be more of a challenge for me regarding some of the cover descriptions as I’ll have to do a little more research on particular characters I’m unaware of but that is part of the fun. A great cover is a great cover, regardless of how much background you have or not. 🙂

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