The Comic Connection: Issue #30

comicconnection Welcome to the thirtieth edition of the Comic Connection! The main point of its existence is to share and discuss, to Connect through Comics. Its centrepiece is the Weekly Question, a question I will pose dealing with anything Comic related. Then I turn it over to you and to Twitter to offer any feedback/your opinion on the topic with your answers being featured on next week’s posting. I’ll also share some cool comic-related fan art along with links to my favourite blogs. With that said, let’s revisit last week’s question:


Last week I asked “Which B, C, or D-List villains would you like to see pop-up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s first season?” To see my answer on the topic visit HERE. As for what the rest of you had to say…

@paul_bowler: I agree with you, think Madame Masque would be a good Marvel villain for Agents of SHIELD, as would Taskmaster. I know Mystique is in the X-Men films, but she would also be a great villain for this show, and her shape shifting powers would keep the Agents of SHIELD on their toes.

xmenxpert: I’d like to see AIM pop up. MODOK would be cool, or Monica Rappaccini. The second Black Widow, Yelena Belova would be really cool. And, why not, Stilt-Man. Because he is just the most ridiculous concept. I’ll also say the Plunderer, as a way of bringing in the Savage Land and Ka-Zar, as a way of bringing in Bobbi Morse as an agent assigned to monitoring Ka-Zar.

@GInvestor888: Stiltman and Mandrill.

@DoctorFluxx: Baron Zemo.

@danceformyhorse: Paste Pot Pete & Impossible Man. / Scorpio, Crimson Dynamo, Fin Fang Foom, Krakoa.

@Aliasego: Purple Man, Power Broker, and just for the heck of it, Whirlwind.

@Hulksmash1985: Taskmaster. A mimic. Connected to S.H.I.E.l.D in the comics. Maybe an anti-hero. That would be cool!

@bottlecitykanga: Stilt-Man and Princess Python

@ZakkSaam: Shocker, even though he’s a Spider-Man villain.


“Which heroic characters from the Marvel Universe would you like to see join the team on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show?”

This week is sort of a follow-up to the previous Comic Connection but instead of focusing on the villains I’m turning my attention to the heroes. While it’s only been two episodes so far, I can’t help feeling that the current incarnation of the team is missing something…or more specifically someone. The entire cast is made up of new characters save for Agent Coulson so I thought why not add one more member albeit a member that has been established in the comics instead of an original creation. Any one of these individuals I’ve listed would be a welcome addition so without further ado, here’s my Top 3:

Daisy Johnson:
Born as the illegitimate daughter of a super villain, Daisy is gifted with earthquake-producing powers. Trained by Nick Fury personally, she is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and was eventually chosen to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. at the age of 19 when Fury retired. She would be a fun character to have, providing a youthful outlook but able to snap into deadly serious mode at the drop of a coin. She would struggle to be taken seriously by the other older members of the team, trying to prove herself in their eyes, but she’d also provide the necessary fighting power the team lacks to handle any super powered threats.

Eric O’Grady:
The third man to assume the heroic identity of Ant-Man is also the man who is least likely to get a chance to shine in the Big Screen Movie-Verse. So why not adapt him for TV then by taking away the shrinking powers but keeping his personality? Eric can best be described as a man of very few morals and a willingness to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate in order to get ahead in life. He’s also quite a ladies man which would lead him to hitting on the various female members of the team with varying success. The guy no one wants on the team but gets the job done, he would provide some humor and a differing personality from anyone on the show currently.

Bobbi Morse
Otherwise known as Mockingbird, Bobbi is a trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who graduated at the top of her class, proficient in the use of several weapons including her trademark batons that can be combined into a single bō-staff. Not just a good fighter but intelligent as well, she also possesses a PhD in biology. Now you may say to yourself that this show already has a female biologist in the form of Simmons and I’d say to you that this should be her replacement. Fitz-Simmons may be cute to some but a good contingent of fans are not big on them. The introduction of Ms. Morse would appease comic fans while also providing a superior character that could go out on missions and lend a physical hand.


Comic Art Spotlight

Here I thought I’d share some of my favourite comic-related works of art from Otis Frampton. This is the second of three editions where I’ll be highlighting his work. To check-out more from him, go to his DeviantArt page HERE.

batman________________________________________________________question________________________________________________________aqua________________________________________________________catwoman________________________________________________________hawkeye________________________________________________________ zatanna________________________________________________________
Blog Quote Bubble

In this section I’ll highlight the various WordPress based blogs that I recommend:

House of Flying Scalpels
Cover of the Week, Iconic Panel Art, and awesome reviews.

Sci-Fi Jubilee
Really nice in-depth reviews from a perfect gentleman residing in the UK.

Sidekick Reviews
Blog I go to for excellent The Walking Dead and Arrow episode reviews.

The Indigo Tribe
A blog about all things Green Lantern including reviews and musings.

Arousing Grammar
Great reviews that are a nice hybrid of commentary and full-page comic art.

The Pure Mood
Reviews and thorough articles are the makeup for this blog that also has a podcast element to it.

Comic Book Junkie
Previews of the coming week of comics, Cover VS Cover, and more.

X-Men X-Pert
A great blog that covers all things related to the X-Verse.

Bag & Bored
A comic book and entertainment review site run by a team of five. Varied content by a varied group.

Time Wants A Skeleton
Reviews of comics, TV shows, and more. Never afraid to make her opinion known and all the better for it.


That wraps up the thirtieth edition of The Comic Connection. Have any comments? Anything you wanted to share? You know what to do.


7 thoughts on “The Comic Connection: Issue #30

  1. Bobbi. Bobbi Morse. I want Bobbi Morse. Give us Bobbi Morse! Beyond that, Contessa Valentina would be good. Jasper Sitwell becoming a recurring character would be neat. It might also be cool if they do a Savage Land arc with Ka-Zar.

    • I never would have guessed that you’d list Bobbi… 🙂

      The Contessa just missed my Top 3 along with Jimmy Woo. Also, I really like your suggestion of Jasper. At first I didn’t recognize the name but I plugged it into GOOGLE and I was like “Of course! That guy! I can’t believe he hasn’t been on already.” Thanks for sharing your choices.

  2. After reading your top 3, my first pick would be Eric O’Grady. I love devious, conniving and unpredictable characters. The team needs someone not so cookie cutter or bland. I think Melinda Mays would double slap him if he tries to get fresh ;).

  3. I agree think Bobby Morse / Mockingbrid would be a great addition to the team. Contessa Valentina would be good as well. Think it could be fun if Matt Murdock was in an episode, where they are all working on the same case, trying to keep a witness in a trial safe or something. Would be fun to see DD’s alter ego working with the Agents of SHIELD.

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking. Daredevil would be a great character for a TV series of his own. They could have Matt’s law firm and base stories around each case maybe, with him also the Kingpin’s criminal empire as Daredevil. Matt’s love life would also make for some great stories!

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