Comic Book Rankings Special Edition: My Top Heroic Characters


Welcome to the first of five special editions of the Rankings. This time I’m going to reveal my favourite comic characters from DC, Marvel, and the Independents. Here’s the List:

My Top DC Comic Heroesdccomicslogo

Rank #1batmanBatman

Rank #2The_FLASH_by_marespro13The Flash

Rank #3green_lantern__headshot_by_toviorogers-d5vfdn2Green Lantern

Rank #4superman_portrait_by_protokitty-d67p1cjSuperman

Rank #5booster gold

Booster Gold


My Top Marvel Comic Heroes
marvel logo

Rank #1hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2Spider-Man

Rank #2 deadpoolDeadpool

Rank #3 iron manIron Man

Rank #4 hawkeyeHawkeye

Rank #5 blinkBlink

My Top Independent Comic Heroes

Rank #1 Atomic_Robo_by_astrobrainAtomic Robo

Rank #2 HellBOY_Color_por_ME_by_marespro13Hellboy

Rank #3 invincibleInvincible

Rank #4 donatelloDonatello

Rank #5 scott pilgrimScott Pilgrim

Did your favourites make the list? Want to share yours? Comment below!

7 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings Special Edition: My Top Heroic Characters

  1. I think mine would be Kitty, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Karma and Finesse.

    I don’t read DC, so I can’t make a list there. But I actually really like Wonder Woman as a concept. If I did read DC, I imagine I’d definitely read her. I would not read Batman, because I hate Batman.

      • Batman is too perfect. He’s the best at everything. He’s rich, handsome, charming, brilliant, the best fighter, the best detective, an expert in chemistry, biology, computers, engineering, driving, disguises, speaks multiple languages . . . it goes on and on and frigging on. His greatest flaw is that he tends to brood – and even that just makes him more attractive to women.

        Batman sucks.

  2. Apart from Batman, I couldn’t care less about all the DC superheroes you mentioned, so my DC ranking is pretty different:

    1) Grifter
    2) Nightwing
    3) Green Arrow
    4) Batman
    5) Blue Beetle
    Special mention for Steel.

    As for the Marvel ranking, my Top 5 is:

    1) Daredevil
    2) The Punisher
    3) Spider – Man
    4) Hawkeye
    5) Cable
    I know that the Punisher is an antihero and not a heroic character, but I love him so much that I really couldn’t exclude him.

    My indie ranking is:

    1) Witchblade
    2) X
    3) Spawn
    4) The Human Target
    5) Gwen Price (leading character of I, Zombie)
    Why do you like Donatello more than the other Ninja Turtles? And what do you think about my rankings?

    • Wow! I knew you liked Grifter but #1? Never would have thought that. Nightwing, Green Arrow, and Blue Beetle are all great choices. I really wonder what will become of Nightwing after Forever Evil though…

      Before reading your comment I knew Daredevil would be #1 for Marvel, so no surprise there or with any of the rest.

      As for indies, I’m surprised that X charted so high after such a short time on the stands. You’ve really connected with him quickly and deeply. Also, I wish they’d make some new Human Target issues!

      As for why I like Donatello the best: I always identified with how he used his brains to help the team, possessing a calmer demeanor as well. I even dressed up as Donatello for Halloween when I was a kid!

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