Comic Book Rankings Special Edition: My Top Animated Superhero Shows


Welcome to the second of five special editions of the Rankings. This time I’m going to reveal my favourite animated TV shows broken into two categories: DC and Marvel. I should mention that Beware The Batman, Teen Titans Go!, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers Assemble don’t qualify as I have never watched a single episode…yet. Here’s the List:

My Top 10 DC Animated Seriesdccomicslogo

Rank #1Batman_the_Animated_Series_logoBatman: The Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures

Rank #2182201-175655-justice-league-of-am_superJustice League/Justice League Unlimited

Rank #3beyondBatman Beyond

Rank #4TeenTitansLogoTeen Titans

Rank #5supermanSuperman: The Animated Series

Rank #6GreenLanternTeam1Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Rank #7young-justice_288x288Young Justice

Rank #8Batman-The-Brave-and-the-Bold-Season-3-Episode-1-The-Battle-of-the-Superheroes-Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Rank #9Batman-Cartoon-batman-59053_710_936The Batman

Rank #10legion of super heroesLegion of Super Heroes

My Top 10 Marvel Animated Series
marvel logo

Rank #1The-Avengers-Earths-Mightiest-HeroesThe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Rank #2spectacular spiderThe Spectacular Spider-Man

Rank #3Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon imageWolverine and the X-Men

Rank #4Spiderman-1994-spiderman-the-animated-series-1994-29730939-1170-879Spider-Man (1994)

Rank #5X-men-animated-series-introX-Men (1992)

Rank #6x-men evolutionX-Men: Evolution

Rank #7iron manIron Man: Armored Adventures

Rank #8Fantastic-FourFantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes

Rank #9spider-man new animatedSpider-Man: The New Animated Series

Rank #10iron-man-90s-animatedIron Man (1994)

Did your favourites make the list? Want to share yours? Comment below!

9 thoughts on “Comic Book Rankings Special Edition: My Top Animated Superhero Shows

  1. Mine’s easy.

    The ’90s X-Men cartoon, the ’90s Spider-Man cartoon, the ’90s Batman cartoon, the ’90s Superman cartoon, and Wolverine and the X-Men. In that order. Those are the only ones I’ve actually watched.

  2. 1) The ’90s Batman cartoon
    2) The ’80s Spider – Man cartoon
    3) The ’90s Spider – Man cartoon
    4) The ’90s X – Men cartoon
    5) The ’90s Spawn cartoon

    These are the only animated superhero shows I used to watch when I was a kid.
    I have an anecdote to tell about the ’80s Spider – Man cartoon: Betty Brant was a supporting character of that series, and she was the first “woman” I felt attracted to. : )

    • On the same page again with our #1 pick. I never watched the Spawn series or the 80s Spider-Man show but I grew up on Bruce Timm and FOX’s Marvel line-up. Such fond, fond memories. Just wondering, why do you rank 80s Spider-Man over 90s? What did it have over the other? Besides one “attractive” reason you already mentioned… 🙂

      • “Just wondering, why do you rank 80s Spider-Man over 90s? What did it have over the other?” Everything. More interesting plots, more attention given to supporting characters, a better atmosphere… I liked the ’90s Spider – Man cartoon, but it can’t stand comparison with the ’80s one, in my opinion. Thank you four your reply! : )

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