Between The Continuity: Ranking The Past & Moving To The Future


Starting on October 6, 2012 and running for 60 features and counting, the Rankings was the very first regular feature of this Blog. It doesn’t do great numbers in terms of views (with this past Week’s special editions actually outdrawing a fair number of them already) but it is an essential part of this blog and one I hope to grow. One part of that growth is that at the beginning of each month I will do the Master Rankings where I pit all the series against one another just as I did in my last special edition. Another improvement will be the Hot 5, a section where I’ll list the Top 5 Comics from each week, the ones most deserving to be picked up. Last but not least, each edition of the Rankings will be getting a catchier sub-title to draw more random people in. It’s my goal to improve the Rankings and make it just that much better. With that said, I’m sure you are asking what feature am I going to honor next? None other than the Comic Connection. Over the course of three special editions I’ll be revisiting my previous questions, making any additions where suitable while also posting some more art from those artists that I have already featured. Hope you all enjoy it!

– GothamRogue


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