Between The Continuity: The Comic Connection Community Marches On


Born on March 4, 2013 and running for 33 features and counting, the Comic Connection has been a feature that has been well received across both Twitter and this Blog. Its centrepiece, the Weekly Question, has proved popular as I’ve asked and heard countless feedback with everyone’s varied answers. It’s a feature that quite literally connects perfect strangers through the medium of comics and a feature where viewer participation is rewarded by having your answers included in each subsequent edition. Another part I’m happy about is the sharing of art from a whole range of talented artists, some famous, some not-so famous. These great conversations and awesome art are capped off each week by paying respect to those WordPress Blogs that I thoroughly enjoy and can’t recommend enough. In conclusion, I just want to say a big thank you to anyone who has taken the time and participated in this feature, a feature that I only hope to grow in the future. With that said, I’m sure you are asking what feature am I going to honor next? Why it’s not one but two: #Trending and On The Radar which will get one special edition each. #Trending will take a look at some Cosplayers while On The Radar aims to highlight the various Comic Book Movies on the horizon. Hope you all enjoy it!

– GothamRogue

3 thoughts on “Between The Continuity: The Comic Connection Community Marches On

  1. What a brilliant celebration of the Comic Connection this has been, look forawrd to the Trending and On the Radar special editions as well! I really enjoy Comic Connection, its great fun taking part in the questions and reading what everyone has to say. Its an honor to be part of your blog list for the comic connection, thank you so much!

    • And thank you! The honor is all mine to include such a great blog as yours. The list is going to be revamped a little bit (some leaving, others debuting) but the one thing that shall remain the same is yours will still be featured. 🙂

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