#Trending In The World Of Comics: Special Cosplay Edition

calliecosplayFor the vast majority of #Trending’s life I usually end the vast array of news with two photos of various Cosplayers. For this special edition I want to highlight one Cosplayer in particular known as Callie Cosplay. You may have seen her featured on this Blog before but I’ve barely touched the surface of all that she has done. So without further ado, I turn #Trending over to her. If you want to see more you can always check out her website:  http://www.calliecosplay.com/ Enjoy!


Callie Cosplay


batgirl________________________________________________________black cat________________________________________________________black widow________________________________________________________gamora________________________________________________________madame hydra________________________________________________________maryjane________________________________________________________ms. marvel________________________________________________________silk spectre________________________________________________________sue storm________________________________________________________wonder woman________________________________________________________zatanna________________________________________________________scarlet witch________________________________________________________


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