Comic Book Covers of the Month: October 2013

It is time for the Best Covers from the month of October. Over the last five weeks I’ve highlighted my Top 5 Comic Book Covers. Now it’s time to crown the overall winner in a variety of categories! If you want to revisit any of my past articles just follow the links provided: Covers of the Week 10/02/13 | Covers of the Week 10/09/13 | Covers of the Week 10/16/13 | Covers of the Week 10/23/13 | Covers of the Week 10/30/13. Now without further ado, let’s see who emerged supreme:


Most Top 3 Covers Appearances
This award goes to the company that had the most cover appearances in the Top 3. And the winner is:

DC wins with 8 appearances, Marvel garners 6, and the Independents have 1. ________________________________________________________

Best Overall Covers
This award goes to the company that produced the greatest amount of quality covers in a given month. How it works is this: only covers that have earned my Covers of the Week honor are considered. First place each week nets their respective company 5 points, second place 4, third place 3, fourth place 2, and fifth place only 1. The company that has the greatest number of points wins the award. And the winner is:

DC wins with 36 points, Marvel garners 35, and the Independents have 4. ________________________________________________________

Covers of the Month
Covers of the Month is split into four categories: Best Independent, Best Marvel, Best DC, and Best Overall. The winners are as follows:

Independent Cover of the Month morningglories32Morning Glories #32 (10/02/13)

Marvel Cover of the Month superiorteamup5 Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5 (10/23/13)

DC Cover of the Month batwoman24 Batwoman #24 (10/16/13)

October’s Overall Cover of the Month
 batwoman24Batwoman #24 (10/16/13)

That wraps up this month. Agree/Disagree with the selections? What were your personal favourites from the month of October? Comment below.

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