Between The Continuity – Week 48: The Comic Connection Gets Some Company


So last week I teased a new feature that would rotate with the Comic Connection each week. Well that is still happening but it won’t be just one new feature. Let me explain:

Week #1 of every month will be the Comic Connection.
Week #2 will be a new feature called Creatively Speaking.
Week #3 will be the second monthly edition of the Comic Connection.
And Week 4 will be another new feature entitled the Comic-Verse.

So what is Creatively Speaking and the Comic-Verse you ask? The Comic-Verse will be an article about sharing and promoting content. It will feature links to the very best comic-related posting each month from each of my favourite fellow bloggers. It will feature links to any notable comic-related trailers/videos that deserve your attention. And, just like the Comic Connection, it will feature art from talented individuals. It is a feature that will grow and change over time but at the heart it is all about spreading the word while also honoring those people who tirelessly work away on blogs of their very own.

As for Creatively Speaking, it is something rather dear to my heart. It has always been my goal to one day join the ranks of the esteemed comic professionals, to actually have a comic that I wrote get published. My one hurdling block? I can’t draw. As luck would have it though I’ve found someone who is willing to take the journey with me, someone who has a quirky and unique style that would fit a whole number of genres. This feature is going to be a monthly update, a glance at my personal journey of seeing that dream hopefully become a reality.

On that note, that concludes this week’s edition of Between the Continuity. Until next time…Happy Reading!

– GothamRogue

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4 thoughts on “Between The Continuity – Week 48: The Comic Connection Gets Some Company

    • Happy to hear you’re excited for the new features. As for my comic journey, it has officially begun. There will be plenty of ups and downs during my quest to see an issue come to fruition (and get picked-up by someone) but I am excited that I finally found someone that will join me in my pursuit. 🙂

  1. I remember you’ve been talking about your project of becoming a comic book writer since our very first conversations, so I’m really glad that your dream is about to come true. I’m looking forward to see your comic too! : )

    • I don’t know how long it will take but I’m dedicated and excited at the prospect. It’s going to be fun to update everyone on my progress and hopefully I can look back on these postings many years later and think “this is where it all began.” My fingers are crossed that it doesn’t take too long though I am working with a relative comic-newbie so there’s going to be a feeling out process to work out the initial kinks. Over the course of these following months, I’ll share how things are turning out, highlighting the positives and the obstacles that we’ve had to overcome each month. Eventually it will be the place to highlight some preview art and hopefully one day announce my dream has indeed become a reality! 🙂

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