Between The Continuity – My 2014 Resolutions For This Blog


As the New Year is upon us, I sit back and look at the year that was while also keeping an eye towards the future. I create goals of where I want to be in my life come this day next year and think of ways that will help me succeed in reaching those goals. I’m always looking to improve, never satisfied with entering into a state of complacency. So it is here that I make my 2014 Resolutions for this blog. Before I do that however, lets look at my Resolutions for 2013 and see how I fared:

Daily Posts: I resolved to post a new article everyday for the entirety of 2013.
RESULT: Other than when I was attending Fan Expo Vancouver and just after Boxing Day, I kept to this vow all year.

Catch-Up: I resolved to catch-up on my Top 3s and my Bullet Point Reviews.
RESULT: Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Tweaks: I resolved to improve the look of the articles and freshening them up where needed. I resolved to improve the scheduling of the posts so that they flow more organically.
RESULT: As you know I’m constantly realigning the schedule and I accomplished my goal of freshening the look of the features.

Community: I resolved to support those that support me. You leave a comment I’ll be sure to respond or you have a question I’ll try my best to answer it.
RESULT: And that is exactly what I did.

Increased Traffic: I resolved to increase the number of visitors to this blog.
RESULT: I had a pretty good year traffic wise, an improvement of where I was at the end of 2012.

Four out of five ain’t bad in my books. So what about this year’s Resolutions? Without further ado:

Daily Posts: I resolved it last year and succeeded. This year I’m going to do it all over again.

A More Consistent Schedule: It’s good to have an article out every day but what I’d really like is to have the right article out on the right day. I’m currently on Christmas vacation so this past week and next are quite a struggle to accomplish this as I actually have less time for the blog on vacation then when I have work. Regardless, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do on some features but it is my aim to actually see features come out on the days that they are supposed to come out on.

Increased Traffic: By this time next year I want to proudly state that 2014 was even more successful than 2013. One of the ways I’m going to accomplish that will be more promotion on Twitter and other sites.

Guest Features: Around the time I made the decision months ago that I wanted to rename my blog from GothamRogue’s Comic Blog to something else there was a big reason why, besides not being happy with the uncreative name. That reason? I wanted this blog to grow beyond one individual posting his thoughts. The way to do that was opening up the door and having a new name that isn’t named after one person was a necessity. Funny enough that first guest post is coming sooner rather than later as tomorrow I’m be featuring Sidekick Reviews who is going to be doing an Off The Shelf entry for an Image comic series called Velvet. This will be the first of many I hope and maybe one of those guests will want to make our working relationship turn into something a little more permanent. If you want to be featured on my site the door is always open. You never know what the future holds…

New & Returning Features: I resolve to resurrect some old features (Character Spotlight, The Time Capsule) while bringing in some new ones.

More Reviews: I resolve to actually do some reviews on comics, something that has been lacking on this site. What form they will take is another matter entirely.

And that is pretty much it. Do you have any resolutions you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, until next time…Happy Reading!

– GothamRogue

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