Never Come Between A Martian And His Cookies: An Arousing Grammar Guest Post


You know that fear of fire weakness that Martian Manhunter deals with?  Unfortunately, our alien superhero (real name J’onn J’onnz) can also be crippled by one more horrible plight that Mars never possessed: a sweet tooth.  In Martian Manhunter #24, written by John Ostrander and drawn by Doug Mahnke, our protagonist must confront his Oreo addiction head on (called Chocos in the comics).  I’m not saying this’ll be sort of like Batman fighting the Joker.  I’m saying this is exactly like Batman fighting the Joker.


As part of a hilarious prank against Martian Manhunter – who possesses the same level of sense of humor as the Dark Knight (none) – Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, the Bill and Ted of DC’s excellent adventures, steal all the Chocos in the city.  Every single one.  But Martian Manhunter being a creature of far superior intellect and composure than us fickle and petty Earthlings, reacts in the correct manner:


Hulk jokes always delight.  Look, it’s healthy for our superhero to have some silliness in between barking orders at the Justice League monitor and mourning the loss of his culture and people.  And while this issue expands into far deeper (and goofier) territory than I’m delving, the gags are totally solid.




We all kind of agree that Oreos/Chocos aren’t exactly the Hope Diamond of cookies, right?  They get stuck in the teeth and they taste a bit chalky.  The only real improvement Nabisco could make to the Oreo is come out with a version called Only Cream.  But if we can suspend our disbelief for practically everything else in superhero comics, we can add a Choco addiction to that list.  Especially if it adds an endearing character trait to a beloved superhero.  Though, the New 52 does portray him with the superpower of being super scary, which I find accurate.  When you write down all of Martian Manhunter’s stats on paper, he should make any potential evil-doer fearful of littering, much less world domination.  To be fair, the same could be said about Superman, and Lex Luthor has spent his whole life punching him with robots.



If you can find Ostrander’s Martian Manhunter series, pick it up.  While you’ll still read your share of vicious brawls against evil dudes from Saturn, it’s nice to have some lightheartedness floating around.  Especially if you’ve ever desired to hear Batman’s scientific opinion of, “You’re a Chocos junkie!”  World’s greatest detective and whatnot.

Special Guest Post Written By: Jason Levine


I’d like to give a big thank you to Jason for bringing to light the very serious matter of cookie addiction. In all seriousness, to see more work from this very talented individual, take a look at his website You will not be disappointed as his blog runs the gauntlet featuring decades worth of comics from both DC and Marvel while possessing that extra visual punch. And for anyone else thinking they’d like to join me with a guest post, just let me know in the comments below or send me an e-mail at

5 thoughts on “Never Come Between A Martian And His Cookies: An Arousing Grammar Guest Post

  1. I deeply esteem both Arousing Grammar and GothamRogue, so bumping into a post written by Jason for The Speech Bubble was a delightful surprise for me.
    Doug Mahnke loves to draw ironic superhero stories like the one Arousing Grammar summarized so well. Some years ago Mahnke created a lot of ironic superhero comics with the awesome writer named John Arcudi: in my opinion, they are one of the best artistic couple we’ve ever seen in comics.
    If you haven’t read the masterpieces they created together, do yourself a favor and buy their funniest work, that is to say the Lobo/Mask crossover. Every single page of that miniseries will make you laugh heartily. I read it innumerous times, and each time I take it from the shelf it still makes me laugh till I cry.
    Another remarkable work by Arcudi & Mahnke is this one: It’s quite expensive, but believe me, it deserves every single cent of its cost.

    • I’m most familiar with Doug Mahnke due to his team-up with Geoff Johns on Daredevil and was impressed with his work there. John Arcudi, on the other hand, I’ve been a fan of once I read his work on B.P.R.D. Overall this issue looks to have the JLI-vibe that I love so much and it definitely got me interested in reading more of this series.

      Thanks for the recommendations and thanks for recommending I check out a new blog I never heard of way back in November 2012 (Arousing Grammar), a site I’ve enjoyed quite a lot since. You could say that without you this team-up might never of occurred. 🙂

      • I’m honored that the friendship between you and Arousing Grammar started thanks to me.
        As for the JLI-vibe, I love it as well. 9 times out of 10 superhero comics have a very serious tone, and I think this is why the very few ones having a light hearted tone are so popular: because for us readers it’s ok to see a superhero punching a villain, but sometimes we would like to see him doing some funnier things as well, like getting mad because he can’t find his favorite cookies. Thank you for your reply! : )

        • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, what the comic industry (specifically Marvel and DC) needs more of is some light-hearted stuff. With Marvel’s FF and DC’s Batman: Li’l Gotham ending that is yet another blow for light-hearted comics everywhere…

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