#Trending In The World Of Comics: 01/01/14-01/07/14 (A Potential Super Team, Deadpool Gets Married, & Other News)

In #Trending I’ll highlight and offer my opinions on any comic-related news that occurred during the week while also highlighting various Comic Book Cosplay. This will include any notable news about comic books from DC, Marvel, and the Independents. Let’s begin:




Romita Is DC Bound?character_bio_576_supermanThose previous rumors of John Romita Jr. jumping from Marvel to DC look to actually be more reality than rumor. The pull of working on Superman seems to be just too good to pass up but the thing that may just seal the deal is the revelation of a big name writer that will be joining him. Who is it you ask? Well Bleeding Cool are claiming that it is none other than…Neil Gaiman. How cool would that be? The answer is so cool that words do not do it justice. I’m crossing my fingers on this one….

Save The Date For The Wedding Of The CenturydeadpoolAll week long Marvel was teasing us that someone was getting married. While the bride’s identity is still a mystery the groom is not. That’s right, April will see Deadpool taking the plunge into married life with Issue #27. And he’s going to be joined by some old friends: “The ceremony will be followed by a reception unlike any other – as ‘pool writers of yesteryear return for new stories featuring the garish groom-to-be. Including Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, Gail Simone, Daniel Way & Victor Gischler.” Gail Simone returns to Marvel after 10 years! Is this just a one time affair or a prelude to something bigger between her and the publisher?

DC News
More Rumors from Bleeding Cool: Lex Luthor may be getting his own series where he leads a new version of the Justice League after Forever Evil concludes.

(#2) Zatanna and John Constantine are going to show up in Smallville Season 11 soon. The storyline is described as follows: “The Harbinger storyline written by Brian Q. Miller picks up with Zatanna in London as part of her show and her quest to recover all the enchanted/cursed objects left behind by her father. The last object on the list has been stolen from Constantine and he wants it back, so he can sell it.”

Marvel News
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(#1) Marvel will begin publishing Star Wars comics starting in 2015 taking over from current publisher Dark Horse. The Director of Lucasfilm franchise publishing, Carol Roeder, had this to say: “Dark Horse Comics published exceptional Star Wars comics for over 20 years, and we will always be grateful for their enormous contributions to the mythos, and the terrific partnership that we had. In 2015, the cosmic adventures of Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca will make the lightspeed jump back to Marvel, to begin a new age of adventures within the Star Wars universe.”

(#2) Bleeding Cool has some potential info/rumors regarding Spider-Man’s future: “Informed contacts can be wrong, of course. And in this case, one of them has to be. There’s one we’ve run, that Superior Spider-Man will be cancelled, and Spider-Man will receive a Marvel NOW relaunch in April, with Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Then there are two more that came. One, that Dan Slott moves over to an Amazing Spider-Man twice-a-month relaunch, but that Superior Spider-Man will somehow continue, once a month, written by Peter David. The other is that Dan Slott stays on Superior Spider-Man, one a month, freeing Slott to write other books like Silver Surfer and more and Matt Fraction takes on Amazing Spider-Man with Salvador LaRocca.”

(#3) Indestructible Hulk is getting a new #1 but will keep its current writer, Mark Waid. Joining him on the series will be artist extraordinaire, Mark Bagley. Mark Waid revealed the following: “Banner’s in a VERY bad way physically as the series opens up a few hours after the end of the previous one — and you’ll be surprised in whose hands his life rests! For the time being, Banner and Hulk will be divided in a way we’ve never seen before on a long-term basis, and those who are eager to see the Hulk once more be his “own” character will be very pleased, I think.” Maybe I’ll give this series another go when the new volume begins.

(#4) Avengers A.I. will end in April but a new Hank Pym (Ant-Man) series will debut shortly after. This is a movie coming out after all.

(#5) Marvel Sales VP David Gabriel revealed that: “What’s happening starting with Wolverine #1 will have fans, retailers, non-comic readers and more screaming in the same manner as what we heard during the Superior Spider-Man launch. At the very least there will be something new and exciting for all types of fans.  This is really unlike anything we’ve done before.  I expect we’re going to hear about a lot of sec prints across the line, and we’re already doing what we can to avoid that… but there will be lots of Hawkeyes, Daredevils, and maybe even Marvel Zombies type series in this mix where the buzz generated will continue to send new fans back into shops looking for these titles week after week!” Another Marvel death on the horizon?

(#6) Original Sin, a new series coming from Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato, was illuminated by USA Today: “When the all-seeing, all-knowing Uatu the Watcher is found dead in his lunar lair, the Avengers and the rest of Earth’s superheroes scramble to keep their deepest and darkest secrets from being revealed, in Marvel Comics’ annual major crossover event Original Sin, launching in May. Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr., the main Original Sin series runs eight issues over four months and focuses on the search for the culprit. Former S.H.I.E.L.D. super-spy Nick Fury is ‘the grizzled Marvel superhero version of an old homicide detective’ who assembles Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and others for the main manhunt. Meanwhile, another group including the Punisher, Doctor Strange, Emma Frost, Ant-Man and Black Panther conducts its own investigation. The bigger problem, though, is whoever killed the Watcher also ransacked his place on the moon, stealing powerful objects as well as all the information he’s been gathering since the beginning of the Marvel Universe.” Wow a murder mystery set in the Marvel Universe? Yeah I am so down for that!

Other Comic News
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 (#1) Boom! Studios announced a new series entitled Lumberjanes which will be the second series from their newest line called Boom! Box. It is described as a mix between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Gravity Falls and it’s about “a group of best female friends at summer camp who have to protect the world by hunting supernatural critters in their spare time.” It comes to us by the creative team of Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis. I’m definitely intrigued by the premise and think this will be a solid pick for my Off The Shelf feature.


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And that concludes #Trending. Thoughts on any subjects discussed? Anything else worth mentioning? Comment below!

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